View Full Version : Already done Can I left the original title for all languages?

06-05-10, 01:27
I have a problem when I write song and than translator translate the name of song on all languages... That looks very silly because all people search the original title of song
So, is there any ability for left original title for all languages (content can be translated)? Can I write any character on the begining and the end of title which will "say NO" for translating the title?

06-05-10, 15:55
At this moment it is not supported. You can use notranslate bbcode but only in message.

I move this thread to feature request. We will think about this issue. In general vB architecture is not prepared for bbcodes in titles. We had to make lot of effort to support langtitle bbcode in titles and we had lot of issues with that. We will think about supporting notranslate in titles or some other solution for that.

10-08-10, 00:25
Perhaps we will be able to do this using already existing langtitle bbcode - just with some special language code - like NO, or something... We will think. such solution should be easy to provide, because we already have functionality to parse langtitle bbcode - it would require only add one if statement in function which evaluates this bbcode and return result opaqued in not translated area. We will check it - there still can be some other issues like some places where signs <> are changed to HTML safe; some relations between title language and post language (maybe in automatic opaque, or in RSS translation).

We have to check it, but definitively it is good direction. Status changed to accepted :)

15-12-10, 10:11

How to left original title of thread for all languages?
you can use a 'nt' code (not translated) in [langtitle] tag.
this tag will be parsed.

[ langtitle=nt]Title without translation[ /langtitle]
and in my post title.

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