View Full Version : Solved Problem on thread page switching languages

05-05-10, 22:16

vbet looks great but i have a probleam on a thread page

forum : mforum.nl

when i change to a translation the page went blank, on category pages this problem doesn't exist

05-05-10, 22:30
Wherever I go I get info that I need to be logged. And when I;m not I can switch languages without issue. So please give me some test account or link to page where I do not have to be logged in to see that you are writing about.

Also - I see that you didn't made vBSEO integration, because your links are not translated, so this can be the cause of your issue. Please fallow integration instructions in readme.html from vBET package. Please confirm did it solve the issue.

05-05-10, 22:42

I did change the vbseo files, i complete follow the readme file maybe i forgot something?

I have put the forum open for guests, i hope you can find a solution.

I also see no translate urls in the sitemap (vbseo, i changed the code)

05-05-10, 23:45
OK - now links are translated. And I see the issue - it is related to redirection (also you can see it using last post links).

Are you sure that you made appropriate changes in booth vBSEO files? If yes then please PM me access details for your Admin CP and FTP - I will check it on place.

05-05-10, 23:49
thx! PM sent

06-05-10, 01:00
You have global redirecting issue even on not translated pages and with vBET disabled (bot not completely - I have no access to your .htaccess file form FTP). You can see it clicking on links to last post.
You broke one vBSEO file (replaced code instead of put our before).

I send you hints what do to (cannot do it myself):
- comment vBET rules
- upload original vBSEO files (those 2 edited)
- and check does redirection issue still exists

If yes - please escalate it to vB or vBSEO team - if you have issue when vBET is completely disabled then it is not vBET fault.

If no - please make integration again (carefully) and enable vBET again.

Solving your redirection issue will solve changing language issue, because there is redirect.

Also please give me your .htaccess file content (before commenting vBET rules) to verify it.

06-05-10, 01:21
i uploaded all files again, and did the modifications in the vbseo files.

I guess i made a mistake with header ("Location: $fulluri");

thx for solving this problem! :)

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