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04-05-10, 01:36
Hello, I changed some options to block forum manager to display a sidebar with the latest forum messages, only the title of the messages is to [langtitle = foo], and even if I am seeing the forum in English, the messages are displayed in language they were written, in my test in Portuguese. I saw some messages to change the template to include the translation, but not a third party plugin, I thought to ask if I'm doing something wrong and how to fix. Sincerely, Trevis.

04-05-10, 10:35
Please provide us URL to exact page where we can see it and please quote exact text which is wrong there. One picture is worth of 1000 words ;)

04-05-10, 17:14
You really need to increase the max image size, it's ridiculously low. But I am pretty sure he means this. I came into the discussion since I noticed the same thing:


04-05-10, 20:47
Great thanks - I'm moving this thread to bug section. We will test it and solve issue if we will be able to reproduce it, or ask for more if not. We made special code in vBET which should handle such cut titles in other languages. I suppose that we can make it better ;)

We will give quick fix for that if it will be easy one. Of course solution will be included in next release :)

06-05-10, 02:57
Thank you for Jesha image is exactly the same problem. Michał, I'm waiting on the next version. [] S!

06-05-10, 03:00
Jesha, sorry if the question is not timely, but how you managed to create a block with Google ADS?

06-05-10, 15:51
Jesha, sorry if the question is not timely, but how you managed to create a block with Google ADS?

Please PM him with this question. Not only thread stays clean, but more important you have better chance to get response :)

07-05-10, 13:07
OK we corrected it - it will be included in next release :)

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