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03-05-10, 22:44
2 highly rated vbulletin.org coders have tried to fix the crash they said vbet and vbseo are at fault. Vbseo went in thread took a look around and fixed a few minor things but said its not them and that we needed to contact You.

so outstanding issues still

1. Google Errors with tags "you provided some temp codes " this didn't work
2. Vbet not working

We ask you the man himself login and correct these issues please.

03-05-10, 22:50

1. I do not understand -can you explain it more? Maybe some link to location where it happens and description where to look.
2. What exactly happens?

Important thing - what was changed on forum, from last time when vBET was working?

Everything is ok - you have removed vBET rules so links are not working. This is OK and would be strange if it would work at this moment. vBET will work again when you put vBET rules to .htaccess file. Somebody broke your .htaccess rules - ask him to repair this or do it fallowing instructions for vBET .htaccess rules (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-integration-other-plugins/414-vbseo-integration.html).

Also I see that you have vBSEO disabled (or also not working propertly) at this moment, because links are in raw form.

03-05-10, 23:25
Paxel program, VBSEO Staff and borbolo cannot figure this out. They simply disabled the vbseo to protect the pr and traffic currently in place.

Google Errors with tags "you provided some temp codes " we cannot get them to work..

I have asked several times for You to go in and quickly fix since your the only one that knows how this program really works. Now I understand why You dont give support for your own product I paid for regarding this stuff its impossible :(

EDITED: (moved from separate thread by admin)

Here is an update of the situation. After exhaustive hours being alone on figuring out vBet's issues vbseo (http://www.vbseo.com) decided to pursue this in the maximum way possible.

They gave me the new version of vbseo that's not even released to the public yet 3.50 GOLD! as they felt my pain. Now that is very kind, they also went in and corrected and wiggled somethings around to get there program to work without the hassle of vbet.

So now the only issues at hand are the following:

1. The temp fix Vbet has provided is not valid.
2. Vbet isn't even working. errors all over now

I do want to thank everyone involved that has helped me a bunch. Now if I can get the guy I PAID $ for his product "twice" to will help me I'm a happy camper.

I'm so frustrated with this vbet, Its such a great program but service is just to terrible :(

I'm very new and there should be support for these crazy concerns. Don't give me 3 pages of "problem solving links," or html coding. That's like telling a 3 month old baby to cook dinner, just isn't going to happen. I have no idea of any of this stuff.

04-05-10, 10:01
I understand that troubles on server is nothing good, but you have our support and you got our response quickly with diagnose. You know what is wrong with not working URLs and how to fix it. So please do it. You have everything you need and got our support in this issue.

You asked once - got response. Now we see next message and answer it. Please tell what you do not understand in our instructions about .htacces file and we will explain it to you. You have full support by our forum which comes free with vBET license. Any interventions on client server we made in case of vBET bug which have no solution yet, or paid service (installation, update, integration). There is no bug - you had working vBET but somebody made you mess on server and remove vBET rules.
Please note that we are not free cleaning service and we do not go on client server every time when somebody break something there. At this moment we have no reason to thing that it is vBET bug, because I just saw that you have broken rules, which as I see was changed yesterday. Find who is guilty and made him clean. If you want us to made you vBET installation this is paid service: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/installation-service.php

You got immediately diagnose and solution. This is what includes free support by forum. And we will help you with this issue as long as you will need to solve it. But if you want installation service which is paid one you need to pay for it. It is normal like in every shop. And if you are frustrated that you have to paid in shop, then I'm verry sorry and hope that you will feel better very quickly. Your troubles are not because vBET. You got immediate support. You want paid one - no problem. You wan paid one for free - I see no reason for that in case when somebody broke already working installation on your forum.

If you had vBSEO updated please do full vBSEO integration according to instructions in readme.html from vBET package.

About "you provided some temp codes " - I still do not understand what do you mean - please explain. What it is about?

1. What fix are you writing about?
2. Yes it isn't and it shouldn't on your actual configuration - as I wrote from beginning you have wrong .htaccess rules. Please correct this as was described in first answer.

Also please do not spam on forum. This is the place for your issue. We hope that or support will allow you to solve the issue quickly :) If you have any questions - please just ask.

04-05-10, 16:10

I already paid for that! lol


This code You gave us crashed the forum. This is part of the problem no reason why You dont fix.

04-05-10, 18:54
I have covered this forum with help guidance. Still is not resolved.

04-05-10, 20:39

I already paid for that! lol

No - you didn't paid for that. You paid for one installation and one installation was made on your server. vBET was running and functional after that. You already consumed our service. You didn't paid for 2nd installation (or upgrade). If you buy shoes in shop then you get those. You do not come back after a while and say that they should give you another shoes because you already paid for that. We gave you what you paid for.

You actual situation is because somebody broke your htaccess rules. We gave you solution what is included in free online support. But if you want us to made installation again - you have to paid again. Just like when you come to shop again for shopping you have to paid again for what you want to take. Please note that installation service which you paid before (and which you already consumed), means that we made one installation making vBET functional on your forum. It doesn't means that for lifetime we have to solve all your troubles. As I wrote before we are checking what is going on on client side when some bug is involved or we suppose that it is. In your case you already get diagnose - wrong .htaccess file and already get solution. Please use solution which we gave you or buy installation/update service if you want us to do it for you. We will guide you in each step if you will have issues. Just please which step of instructions you do not understand :)


This code You gave us crashed the forum. This is part of the problem no reason why You dont fix.

This is not true - I just checked your file and you do not have this modification there - you have the original code. Also last last modification date of vbenterprisetranslator_seo.php on your server is from 22 April. So please to not made false statements - it will not help us in helping you.

Please fallow instructions which we gave you to solve the issue, or buy installation/ugrade service if you want us to do it for you. You have our full support in any issue you will have solving this case. Just tell which step you do not understand and we will gladly support you :)

04-05-10, 21:19
Remember I do not know how to do this. They told me this, I'm going by what they have told me.

05-05-10, 02:06
When we paid for the last installation You installed the original code. Now that we found errors in the original code "vbenterprisetranslator_seo.php" I think You should have to go back in and fix it. Not us


Ok buddy I will send You another 30 dollars, Only condition is I dont have to pay for it again and you promise to make a plugin in admin cp where we can simply auto update when new updates come available.

05-05-10, 12:41
Please note that software bugs are normal things. vBET has very little bugs which are corrected very fast. You can see on any software you want in the whole world and you will see that they are fixing bugs from version to version. And vBET has very low bugs just see here: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-bug-reporting/ - this is just 6 bugs i WHOLE HISTORY of vBET4.x WHOLE HISTORY - some are already corrected in last release. And all are minor. There was no major or critical one ever. vBET is software with very good quality.

For bug you describe we gave quick fix which of course will be included in next release.

We cannot give you any promise in area of future updates for very simple reason - vBET depends on vB. We cannot guarantee what vB will do in future. Also if you are using other mods (like vBSEO) we are also not responsible and cannot be responsible for their code. It is like you go to shop and tell: "I will buy this shoes if you promise me that every shoes which I will ever wear from this brand will fit me well and look good with any other clothes which I will ever wear. And I also want that in case if someone else will use my shoes and broke it, then you will repair it for free for lifetime.". I'm not sure that you even realize what are you asking for. Please note that it simply impossible to give such guarantee.

vB doesn't support such thing as auto update - no mod will give you that and we also cannot. I really do not know why you asked us for this.

Please note that our purpose is not to take from our clients money again and again, but to encourage our clients to do updates themselves which are very well described and for which we give our online support in case of issues. Just see our first answer - we gave you solution. We do not hide any secret knowledge. We give our clients all necessary informations, answer their questions and help in case of issues. Also we made our best to make installation, upgrade and integration as easy as it is possible.

Installation vBET is trivial (upload files + import product file).
Update looks same as installation and only occasionally we ask for additional steps (always because of other mods code not ours).
Making SEO links working is well described and it just MUST include edition of .htaccess file - there is no other way because it is on server level not vBET.
Integration is as easy as it allows integrated mod. vBSEO doesn't want to be nice for other mods and do not have any hooks. Their solution forces us to made 2 files modification to integrate with vBET. And please note that we are looking for easier solutions - we already changed few times integration instructions to make it safer for forum.

You can safe your money if you just try to fallow instructions and do it yourself. Our installation and upgrade services are for people who doesn't want to spend their own time on this and prefer to pay. If you prefer to pay why are you doing so big deal for it - this is your decision to buy service or make it yourself having exact instructions what to do. Everything what you need is on this forum and if not we will answer your questions.

If you do not want to do this and want paid service then please just make an order and we will provide you our service on normal rules. You will get what you paid for.
Also please note that we can install you 4.2.2beta version which have corrected noticed bugs, but was not released yet. So you will have no issue in areas which was described before (you can also simply correct it yourself using quick fixes descried on this forum).

05-05-10, 15:47
OK, make sure You get that "fix" you mentioned also in there please.

should be on its way any sec

05-05-10, 16:56
We got few orders today. No one from your email address - please PM/email which order is yours. Can be response to confirmation mail, order id, paypal transaction id, anything which will allow us to verify that one of those orders is from you :)

05-05-10, 18:02

05-05-10, 22:01
Done. As I wrote before integration with vBSEO was needed again because of vBSEO update and someone broke your rules. Please check your forum and let us know in case of any issue :)

06-05-10, 18:00
My webmaster errors have multiplied times 10. We are barley listed on google we are now even having problems with sitemap crawl.

I have paid well over $4000 dollars for everything and this should have never happened. VBSEO and VB.org coders say its this program.. What's going on here someone is responsible

06-05-10, 20:55
What webmaster errors? Please give examples of those. I cannot tell you what is going on if I do not have enough informations.

Also please note that we are not responsible for others - money you are writing about was not spend on vBET and mentioning it have nothing to do with finding your solution.
If it is on vBET side we will gladly help you - first have to determine it, and at this moment we do not really know what you are writing about. Please give examples of your webmaster errors

06-05-10, 21:25
Im unable to attach a csv file directly from google here..

It goes into detail on whats wrong. If You like I can give You google webmaster tools user info to login etc.

06-05-10, 23:26
OK - you can PM me access details or send file by email. But we do not need all the errors, just examples - which you also can include here.

07-05-10, 15:20
Still get nothing from you... Do you really have any actual Webmaster Tools errors or not? If yes - please provide those so we will be able to check what is going on.

07-05-10, 17:49
I'm back sorry,

email sent with login info.

07-05-10, 19:07
OK. I was there and what I can tell you that there is no any error message which was produced after vBET installation was fixed on our server. Most of those errors was foung by Google robots in time when you had broken .htaccess file on your server what you can check yourself by date.

Please note that Google gives you date when error was found and all what you see is historical data - most of those is already working what you can simply check just by clicking in the link shown by Google. Being more specific:
- HTTP errors - all are just a history, links are working
- In sitemap - also history, all links are working and dates shows that it was found when your forum was crasched
- Not followed - those with vbet_lang inside should be historical right now - those was caused by vBET bug which is already corrected. If you find new one like this (it means with date after update) please let us know. I see that there still is some issue with links having %20 inside - I will take care about it today/tomorrow.
- Not Found - those are some dummy links which are broken. It has nothing to do with vBET, those are just links with some silly numbers in it - if you will still get it you can consider where are those found on your forum. Also part of those looks like someone play with vBSEO configuration on your server and looking on dates I can say that it is very probable. So most probably Google was crawling your site when you had other vBSEO configuration for links patterns (that why are all those /number/number-title links). I cannot be sure about that, but I'm sure that it has nothing to do with vBET - those are not translated links.
- Unreachable - just history when your forum was broken (3dr May everywhere) - links are working.

Assuming: after update you wrote that number of Webmaster Tools errors increased 10 times, but there is no single error with date after update...
Also something over 95% of errors there are the history and links are working there. Only errors in Not followed section was caused by vBET bug - most shouldn't happen anymore. 1 issue still exist and we will take care about it.

Please learn how to use Webmaster Tools and keep attention what are you looking on - something real or just history. That can safe you lot of hart bits ;) Only by looking on error dates which shows time of your forum broken and clicking link to check actual status, you could verify that it is not real thing anymore and it was caused by your forum wrong configuration (which is already corrected).

Please note that historical errors will dissapear from time to time in your Webmaster Tools and more actual will appear if such will exists.

Do you have any questions about actual status? Or need any more explanation? :)

07-05-10, 22:23
1 issue still exist and we will take care about it.

Thank You For the great work. When can we expect this to be done?

08-05-10, 03:14
It is done already.

This is link which didn't work before: http://www.hotslot.org/ga/tags/cleopatra's%20gold%20slot.htm

The reason was that after redirection URL taken from 'rediredted' parameter was changed and didn't fit to what was expected by vBSEO. Please note that I had to change way of determining real link after redirection - that is only 1 line of code, but significant. Now we simply cut language code from link instead override it by value from 'redirected' parameter.

I made tests on your forum and it seems working well now. Still please made some checks with translated links and monitor Webmaster Tools errors for a while. In case of any issue please just write - we will gladly help you.

Also if our change will not have any unexpected behaviors, it will be included in future release - but for this we have to check first does other servers behave same way in this area.

08-05-10, 18:55
Thank You Michal,

Do You have any recommendations on how I can get my website back in the search engines? There still there but lost tremendous value from the downtime. What vbseo link structure do You use?

best regards

08-05-10, 20:56
We still receiving a ton of errors that are still valid however.


All vbet conversions of the media section are coming back bad.

Also where are these coming from?


08-05-10, 22:02
We still receiving a ton of errors that are still valid however.


All vbet conversions of the media section are coming back bad.

Also where are these coming from?


First 2: this is not vBET fault - those links are not working in original - cannot work in translation. Find where on your forum are generated fake links for media and remove those.

Last one has nothing to do with vBET - there is no language code. Please note that we are vBET support - please ask us only about vBET related things. Of course if you are not sure - just ask ;)

09-05-10, 18:55
Warning: require_once(/home/content/h/o/t/hotslot/html/includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions_vbseo.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/h/o/t/hotslot/html/vbenterprisetranslator_seo.php on line 55

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/home/content/h/o/t/hotslot/html/includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions_vbseo.php' (include_path='.:/usr/local/php5/lib/php') in /home/content/h/o/t/hotslot/html/vbenterprisetranslator_seo.php on line 55

Forum has crashed again.

09-05-10, 19:49
You do not have any vBET files which should be in includes directory. Somebody deleted it and broke your forum.

Please upload to your FTP files from vBET package. Also if you didn't remove those and do not know who it was, then it will be wise to change passwords to your FTP. Those files didn't disappear magically... If you know who it was - also would be wise to limit his access...

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