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28-04-10, 12:52
you around a question that I have made on forums and I 'happened yesterday, writing in the English section addressing a question about the language. I have written in Italian and I, and 'got an answer I do not know which country in English. So I answered in English, then I sent the reply on the forum but the page is automatically translated into Italian. So I wonder this: 1. what 'I have written in English is displayed in English even if that person I see on the page translated in Italian? 2. 'cause that user has written in English and I see his response in English? so his response is not 'was translated into Italian? Thanks in advance.

29-04-10, 01:03
When new message arrives, then vBET determines what is its language using chosen strategy (configurable by "Google Language Detection"). If it is considered as written in other language that forum default, then message is automatically marked by lang bbcode. In other words - vBET marks the message adding info about its language.

Now when page is displayed each message is shown in language of whole page. So if I'm watching English translation of Italian forum then I see everything in English - even is some of messages are written in Italian, some in English, some in Arabic, and so on. Looking on page you see everything in chosen translation no matter in what languages are original messages for this page.

The only way when it is not working like this its when some message language is not appropriately marked (cause of this differs according to chosen strategy of language determining). In this case, such message have to be edited and lang bbcode have to be added/corrected manually.

Is this is the answer for your question? :)

29-04-10, 06:55
I think so thanks

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