View Full Version : how does one turn this vbseo/vbet/java on?

24-04-10, 16:17
# Using "Show original text" in booth versions - for users and guests. This options allows you to choose how you want to show original message. Showing it costs a little - it is not significant, but if you already done everything and seek for some little improvement then you can find it here. First of all - you have 2 ways to show original text if you wan: by JavaScript injection and in normal way. Normal one is better for performance, but injected one is better for SEO (robots do not see it). So if you feel you want show original content for booth - users and guests - then it is best to show injected for guest and normal for users. Of course you can choose to not show original text - it will be worst for your users but little better for performance. And you have also one more option - best for performance and worst for users - you can choose do not show original text or even message that it was translated. This option is best for performance because it is not using templates at all, worst for users, because they will not see that message was written in different language.

I want to show injected for guest and normal for users. Can someone lead me on how to do this?

24-04-10, 18:37
Admin CP -> vBET -> Misc

You will find there 2 options - one for guests, one for users :)
- Show original text for guest
- Show original text for user

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