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04-11-09, 00:56
Hi Admin !

Thanks a lot for this great and awesome Mod, is my best and favorited mod :D .

My feature request is the translation of categorie name in URL's, for exemple in French and Arabic "Feature Requests" in this thread link don't change. : /fr/feature-requests/62-traduction-du-nom-de-cat%C3%A9gorie-dans-les-url.html

Sorry for my bad english :).

Best Regards.

04-11-09, 13:47
Hi RootShell!

I'm glad you like it :) Also - if your English isn't too good - just set your default language in User CP, and start writing in your native language - at the end this mod is about multi language communities ;)

About your request this is good idea and it is added in TODO list. Also we see some issues with translation of this, but we will do our best to support it :)

04-11-09, 21:38
Michal thank you for your continued work to improve the modification, I am awaiting the version 3.x with patience.
I Love This Mod :)

05-11-09, 19:32
It is already available :)

16-11-09, 14:08
Hello, I do not translate the category, what can I miss?. (VBET 312) Thanks.

16-11-09, 14:55
Hello, I do not translate the category, what can I miss?. (VBET 312) Thanks.

Sorry I wasn't precious. "It is available" was a comment about waiting for 3.x :)
Translations of categories are not supported yet. We are still during consideration of how to do this without translations changes risk.

For threads there is no issue, because you have identifier at the begging, so if happens that Google made better translation, then already indexed URL will just have 301 redirect and Google will re-index it without loosing position.

For categories (sub-forums) there is an issue, because many forums do not have identifier before category in URL, so if translation will change to better one then old one will be just broken. And you are not allowed to just keep translations for categories forever - Google allows to cache translations only for 15 days.

So we have great challenge here :) We will work on it and it can take some time for us to find safe way like in case of threads titles. We have some ideas right now, so you can consider this as in progress :)

22-11-09, 04:52
We still will have to make closer investigation in this area, but already have some solution planned. Not to gentle, so we like to discus it.

Right now we are planning to make 2 strategies of categories translation. So you will be able to choose preferred one.

1st - the easy one - translation will be automatic and if after cache cleaning appears that translation was changed, then simply you will get 301 redirection and user will be still able to read the point. This will also allow to handle appropriately indexing issues thanks to 301 (if ever happens). But to be this available your URL pattern will have to include category (sub-forum) id in URL (right now many forums includes id only for posts).

2nd - harder one, but will work for forums which don't have in URL pattern id for categories (sub-forums) and don't want to change it (SEO issues). In this strategy you will have to manually set each translation for each category (sub-forum) in forum configuration. Set it and leave it, cause any changes will finish with old links being broken (just like it is right now if you change forum name - so it is not an issue). We simply cannot do this automatically because of Google TOS - Google results cannot be cached more than 15 days. And those translations must be kept for lifetime. It can be some work to it manually. Each sub-forum multiply by number of available languages on your forum, but you set it once and leave it. You just have to find out from where get the translations - in Internet you can find many free translation services available by html form. Maybe even Google translations taken from their page (not by AJAX or CURL API) can be used to store it manually (need to check).

This is our idea. And at this moment, we are still not sure about all possible issues, but we would like to know what our users think about it :)

14-12-09, 20:10
I prefer option 1. But the best thing would be to give the 2 options and already after one chooses. greetings.

02-02-10, 05:15
I am very interested in 2nd - because its very good seo to have important keywords in the "bottom folder" domain.com/bottom folder/rest ...

Any news on this?

02-02-10, 23:02
Our actual priority is vBET4.x for vB4 and we are working about it now. We will take care about critical issues if such will come in vBET3.x and this is all what is planned before 4.x release.

After 4.x release we will develop booth lines 3.x and 4.x, and then we will add new functionalities.

03-02-10, 00:23
Ok, by the way, good to hear you are confirming that both lines will be further developed, and 3.x will not just be phased out after release of 4.x ;)

03-02-10, 15:13
Ok, by the way, good to hear you are confirming that both lines will be further developed, and 3.x will not just be phased out after release of 4.x ;)

No it will not :) We expect that some forums will use vB3.x for long time.

05-07-10, 17:39
make it simple, add a button to translate all forums and then cache it, thats simple.

05-07-10, 23:55
Not so simple. Because Google doesn't allow to cache for more than 15 days. And vBET is 100% Google compatible. After 15 days translations can be different (Google changes its algorthigms and make translations better and better) - in case of threads there is no problame, because threads URLs have included id. In case of forums (categories) - there is a problem - there is no id included. So if translation will hange you will not get 301 redirect - your incoming links will just be broken. This is the issue here.

06-07-10, 00:00
its not possible to redirect all urls forever, forget it, it would use to much system resources in big forums and if urls change often!

its the only way, translate it, change it, and forget it. This is Google compatible, because you dont cache texts, you just cache a word, no one may notice.

other way would be using the id's

06-07-10, 00:20
Google TOS doesn't say about text or word caching - it says about caching Google translation results. Please note that we will not support to break Google TOS even if it is hard to detect. You can find our suggestions how it can be done at the beginning of this discussion. If you want to suggest some - please shoot :) Still pelase note that we will not discuss any solutions which will be agains Google TOS. Wihtout Google translations vBET doesn't exist - so it is not good deal.

07-07-10, 09:50
Youre helping Google Indexing more and more Webpages in different languages, youre helping Google!

07-07-10, 12:07
Yes - we do it. We do it anyway - with forum URLs translated or not. But breaking Google TOS can not be consiered as helpfull by Google ;)

Please note that the whole issue is about how vBSEO generates forms links - without ID. We support forum links translation without any issue in vBulletin 4 - because vBulletin 4 have own SEO links, which generates with ID for forums. Thanks that even if after cache flush translation will differ, there will be no issue with broken link - thanks to ID included in link vBulletin will just mad 301 redirect. So outside links will work, and also already indexed pages will not dissapear, but just wil be reinexed under new URL.

Here whole issue is beause of weak vBSEO solution for forum links and Google TOS.

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