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22-04-10, 01:46

First, I love this product, it is great.

There must be some sort of configuration error I am having. Please visit Coin Forums (http://www.coinforums.com/forum.php) and try to translate to a language. It takes 30-40 seconds to translate any page. I notice here I can translate any page within seconds.

I have read the performance tips and have done everything there that I can do.

I am using vBSEO and have done all integrations that are listed both in the forum and the readme. I think there may be something wrong there.

Please let me know where I should begin to look.


22-04-10, 14:02
Till now we had only one such case and the reason was in delays from Google answers. In case which I describe appears that:
1. Forum own server holds out-coming requests for translations
2. or Google was giving some time "punishments"
It was visible in logs, when we count time of each translation request. It appears that first few was fine, ant then each another took dramatically more time. Forum owner was loking for cause in his firewall settings without success. It was obviously something with Google communication because happen only for not cached site.

We solved this issue there by adding new performance parameter 'Delay between translations'

I see on your forum that cached page generates fast enough. First translation takes lot time. Please try use 'Delay between translations' and set there i.e. 10. Please note you have to check it with cache off. So turn off cache for a while and check the speed of your translations - you will be sure that this is speed of not cached page. If you see improvement (good to have some tool to measure time before and after - you can find such in internet) then turn cache on and it is ok. If not also turn cache on, set delay to 0, and let us know - we will look for other solutions :)

Also - very important. If your server is not able to handle all languages - please disable some at the beginning. I.e. start with 10 languages, and when those will be cached then start adding new languages from time to time. Many forums can start with all languages - it all depends on resources - in your case something is not perfect and even if it is not in vBET but between your server and Google, then less not cached languages means less Google requests, means less issue.

22-04-10, 14:56
No cache and Delay Between Translations != 0. I get blank page on translation?

The server is not overloaded either by looking @ performance graphs in admin tools.

A lot of times, the translation is messed up, too:


It was working very good even without cache before, I don't know what happened! Even with this page cached I am having issues, I think there is something else going on.


22-04-10, 15:10
Please make sure that your forum language is OK - does no one changed it.

Also, check your Google status - please fallow this instructions: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-troubleshooting/413-faq-2.html#post1729

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