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20-04-10, 20:18
I have on my forums and im sure alot of others do on there's specific International Discussion forums with sub catagories with the likes of spanish, german etc..

As my forums main language is english, when I view these sections and click to translate to english, nothing happens as the script assumes it should just revert the the forums default language and the text displayed will be english already?

So it would be good to have an option where all forums are set to your default language unless specified and have the option to set which forum sections use what language so you can translate those sections to your native language.

As I know for myself that this would also help with moderatoring the non-english forums.

21-04-10, 02:02
Please confirm is it what you mean. Additional forum configuration where you can tell that there is no one default language on forum but some sections are in one language and some are in different. By pointing forums ids for each language. Is it correct?

21-04-10, 10:26
Yes mate that is correct so for example:

-News & Announcements (use default language set e.g. english)
-General Discussion (use default language set e.g. english)

International Discussion
-Spanish (set spanish default language)
-German (set german default language)
-French (set french default language)

This could be added as a setting within the forum catagory as a setting to use either the default language setting or select the language from a drop down list.

22-04-10, 14:45
OK - so we know what is needed.

I see issue here - translation of layout (options, communicates etc.). More precisely - when someone will go to part in Spanisch, then vBEt will threat everything as in Spanish. The issue starts when someone has English GUI and goes to Spanish part. Then GUI is in English, messages in Spanish and translation will fail for GUI.

Please note - I wasn't really running forum with such characteristic, so maybe I miss something. Could you tell me that vBulletin automatically switches phrases to Spanish when someone comes to Spanish sub-forum, and when he will go back to some English part then GUI will automatically go to English?
I just wonder is it already included or we will have to handle it some way.

The easiest way would be just mark all messages from those subforums by lang bbocode and no changes would be required in vBET. As I understand it is not the way you want it. You want have forum language value changing for different sub-forums. This can be tricky ;) I see also issues with:
- Displaying main page (when thread titles in all languages are visible and those have no langtitle bbcode which would allow to determine that translation is needed)
- RSS channels

I will have it in mind and let it grow. It can be tricky, but also usable for many forums. Please note that at this moment this have no high priority. Most probably we will think about it more intensively when we integrate vBET with vBulletin phrases system - this could solve at least first issue.

23-09-11, 12:19
This is really same request as here: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/feature-requests/236-control-over-forums-translated.html#post10157

We have other solution which covers this needs - this is why proposed here is refused. Please see here: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/feature-requests/236-control-over-forums-translated.html#post10157 for details how it will be solved. In short words - whole forum will have one default language, and our robot will mark all old messages using language auto detection. This way forums which has sections for different languages will be able to use vBET - all messages will be translated well and users will be able to write in any language in any place.

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