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16-04-10, 08:33
I have many errors fall connection with this message: mysql_connect() [<a href="/forum/function.mysql-connect">function.mysql-connect</a>]: Too many connections/home/school/domains/scuo.la/public_html/includes/class_core.php on line 311Abbiamo tried to disable the scheduled task cache cleanup but errors continued. Among the various threads I have one very long, it may be that, at the time of translation, the cause of everything?

16-04-10, 17:08
Please change your mysql configuration and allow for more connections.

Possible reasons:
1. More traffic because of translated content.
2. Translated content takes little more time to generate

In booth cases main reason is that right now you have more concurrent users on your server. More that connections which you allow. So please set bigger amount of possible mysql connections, or set lower amount of apache threads (clients will wait in queue). 2nd solution will make your response time bigger.

Please note that in case of PHP, mysql connections are automatically closed when request is served. vBET is not creating new connections if there is active one. So each opened connection means one request which is during evaluation. If you note that you have less active apache threads that opened connections then you can suspect something wrong. At this moment it is OK and it is only configuration issue. Please let us know if it appears to be something else.

19-04-10, 09:42
which of these three values have to try to decrease? MinSpareThreads MaxSpareThreads ThreadsPerChild

20-04-10, 02:16
Here is official mysql manual about 'too many connections' issue :)
MySQL :: MySQL 5.1 Reference Manual :: B.5.2.7 Too many connections (http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/too-many-connections.html)

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