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11-04-10, 09:55

I notice in my Forum that Google does not translate important forum options or forum names correctly.

For example "log out" becomes "Cancle" which is very confusing

Also my "Introduction" forum becomes "representations"

I really would like to see an option to manually translate vBulletin phrases or forum names.

Maybe handle in a way like vBSEO handles forum slugs

create a config file for each language that a user wants to manually define certain phrases and then the user can add

$phrase[logout] => 'Log Out'
forumid => 'introductions'

That would totally help me.

I know that it is impossible for admins with like 52 languages activated.
That is why I don't think an admincp option would be good.
but handling it on a config file base level would really help me


11-04-10, 14:51
Hi :)
We already have in plans to integrate vBET with vBulletin phrases system in such way that phrases from appropriate language will be taken. This way it would be handled automatically by vB - if phrases in appropriate language exists then those are taken if not then original. This will require that all phrases in different language will have to be inside of not translating area (we are planning to add simple tool which will opaque those phrases so you will not do it manually). What is important and very good in this solution is that you can find prepared phrases sets for different languages for vB.
At this moment we see some possible issues in this solution, but we will go for it soon and win with issues if they come :)

Does such solution will satisfy you?

Marcin Kalak
27-02-13, 12:51
Sorry for late reply. In release 4.5.0 we have added a manual translation of the text on the page.

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