View Full Version : Just getting started w/ vBET, Great so far

02-04-10, 23:47
Just wanted to say I started testing some simple content translations the other night

Spanish. Good, some of the sentence structure was off, but tester was very impressed
Portuguese, Again, tester was impressed
French: Again, tester was impressed
Chinese: tester gave it an 80% -- was impressed, not bad for changing alphabets
Farsi: Tester gave it 70% -- I still think that's great, given a machine is translating, and doing the GUI as well, shifting alphabets AND direction of text flow from right to left. The tester said the embedded vBET version was better than Google Translate on Google itself

Hope to test Danish, German, Czech, Japanese and Arabic tonight.

So far, I couldn't be happier with the products performance, and I have great hopes that it will only continue to improve. Very impressed

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