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28-03-10, 02:12
I've previously been using a plugin at exec. time 65,000 to clean up the comments in my HTML; however, it wasn't as effective as vBSEOs, so I decided to revisit that.

I changed the conditional that determines execution of the vBSEO HTML cleanup from:

if(VBSEO_CODE_CLEANUP && !isset($_GET['vbseo_nocleanup']) && !$_POST['ajax'] && !$VBSEO_REWRITE_TEXTURLS)


if(VBSEO_CODE_CLEANUP && !isset($_GET['vbseo_nocleanup']) && !$_POST['ajax'] && !$VBSEO_REWRITE_TEXTURLS && !$_GET['language'])

Is this safe to use, or will it break parts of vBET?

29-03-10, 15:25
It is safe since you clean up only for not translated pages.

08-06-10, 21:54
So does that also mean that setting vBSEO's "Cleanup HTML Code" to YES is safe to set as it will not affect translated pages?

vBSEO admin setting...
Cleanup HTML code?
Select 'Yes' to remove unnecessary whitespace characters and HTML comments from the source code of your forum pages. This increases the C2C (Content to Code) ratio and reduces page sizes, resulting in a net performance increase and reduction in bandwidth required.
NOTE: If comments (or HTML tags) within your pages are not closed correctly with their corresponding end tags, then this option could cause your pages to display incorrectly. Be sure that your templates contain error free HTML tags and code.

09-06-10, 11:52
It depends when it happens. If it is working after vBET plugin for global_complete hook, then there is no problem. If it is working before - then you loose information about what shouldn't be translated and get wrong results.

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