View Full Version : Rejected "Select all/none" in settings

27-03-10, 08:32

I really hate it to click 150 check boxes when deselecting all languages except 2

Please make a "select all" / "deselect all" option into the settings of the acp

Thank you


27-03-10, 14:47
This can be tricky because options panel is automatically generated by vBulletin.

Please note that if you disable language it is enough to do it in one place only (cache will not work for not supported language and flags for users can be only subset of supported ones). So if you want to support only 2 languages it is really enough to make 50 clicks not 150.

Also - this is do it once and leave it for long time, so we consider that it is not real improvement to add this option. As I wrote at the beginning - vBulletin generates those pages and making requested change really means to avoid vBulletin configuration engine and write our own views for each configuration page.

So sorry but at this moment we reject this request. If you know any mod which supports such thing on native vBulletin properties page - please let us know. Perhaps there is something which we miss, but at this moment it appears lot of effort and really marginal usage.

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