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25-03-10, 16:32
This thread doesn't look like it translated too well:
í • œê ¸ € íƒ € ì 'í •' (http://cellphoneforums.net/**/t310049-%C3%AD-%E2%80%A2-%C5%93%C3%AA-%C2%B8-%E2%82%AC-%C3%AD%C6%92-%E2%82%AC-%C3%AC-%C3%AD-%E2%80%A2.html)

Is that because of the site encoding? Is there anything I can do short of disabling that language?

26-03-10, 22:35
No - it is not translated at all since it has garbage content. Most probably there went something wrong with encoding and original message came broken (what you can see). Do you know by which browser and how exactly was send this message? Can you write some test messages in Korean from different browsers on your forum? (you can take some Korean phrase i.e. from Wikipedia - I think). Maybe you can PM to author and ask him which browser was used?

Please note that in vBET cares about forums in not utf-8 and adds appropriate information for browsers about real encoding. Unfortunately not all browsers are working correctly according to HTML standard. In vBET 4.x we solved this issue by carrying it on server side. We will do it also in next release of vBET 3.x

At this moment you can only remove this thread - it have broken encoding in original message :/

27-03-10, 02:07
So even though the encoding of the forum is not utf-8, vBET will still handle the Korean characters correctly?

27-03-10, 08:54
Yes - those are replaced to 'safe utf-8' like #&CODE; but in vBET 3.x browser must appropriately send form data (according to encoding which we set for form). We discovered that IE is ignoring it and that is why you get this garbage message. We made server side re-encoding for IE, but it appears that we miss some configuration.

As I wrote we already have solution for this in vBET4.x - re-encode everything on server side - and it will be included in next vBET3.x version. We will simply take care about it on server side instead of trusting browsers with that.

27-03-10, 22:56
oh I see - thanks for explaining

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