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14-03-10, 18:35
Here is a small report about my load times after the Installation of vBet 4.2.0:

Home page (http://www.2-wheel-planet.de/ (http://www.2-wheel-planet.de/%29:)):
4,8s - 4,9s
8,5s - 9,5s

Pingdom Tools (http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/?url=http://www.2-wheel-planet.de/&treeview=0&column=objectID&order=1&type=0&save=true)

Theme (http://www.2-wheel-planet.de/projekte/781-golf-3-cabrio-projekt.html (http://www.2-wheel-planet.de/projekte/781-golf-3-cabrio-projekt.html%29:)):
8,7 - 9,2s
118s - 13,1s

Pingdom Tools (http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/?url=http://www.2-wheel-planet.de/projekte/781-golf-3-cabrio-projekt.html&treeview=0&column=objectID&order=1&type=0&save=true)

To do this, one must say that this is NOT translated pages.
I.e. the loading times for translated pages even higher.

14-03-10, 20:51
I went there and I do not see times which are you writing about. Please note that for not translated page vBET is doing nothing just add flags. So it is not possible to have such impact on page generation as you are writing. Maybe you made measurement when your sewer was loaded. When I'm checking it right now it is fine. I get at this moment for main page 5.6 second and for thread page 4.8 second (made one test for each only).

Also did you check appropriate time? It is really hard to believe that not translated page for thread was loading 13 seconds. Did you look on appropriate time? Please note that tool which you pointing at gives you time of page generation at the beginning. The res it is time of loading CSS, images and so on. So you have 52 new images (flags) on your page - first time those have to be downloaded from server. After that each browser have it cached nd those are not taken from serve anymore. So counting it in page generation time it bad idea and just gives you not realistic results :)

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