View Full Version : Solved 4.2 vBet placement is wrong

14-03-10, 17:48
I tried just the placement of "Footer-Top" Unfortunately this is below the sidebar?Is probably an error.

14-03-10, 18:14
Please send us link to your forum, or screen shot of this situation.

Also - are you using default layout of some modification? Pleas note that default positions will work appropriately for default layout. For other it can work fine or not - it depends how layout was modified. For such cases you can always use custom place.

14-03-10, 18:34
So I use currently, the Standard Design of vBulletin.

Here is the Link: 2-Wheel-Planet - All around the Tuning of two-wheelers (http://www.2-wheel-planet.de/)

14-03-10, 21:08
I checked it in HTML output and it is how it should be - vBET flags are just before footer (just before <div id="footer"). That is how option "Footer-Top" is working - putting vBET flags just before footer. In your case those are shown in right column, because your layout is modified by this column.

It is enough if you use custom place and manually put it INSIDE of <div id="footer" block in footer template. You will find all hints in parameter description :) If you have any questions about it please just ask :)

15-03-10, 17:36
Okay, maybe it&#39;s once again a mistake by vBulletin: (

15-03-10, 20:57
No. I would not consider it as error. Your additional right column changes default layout where is only one column. And default flag places will for sure work on default layout. When layout is changed then results can be other than expected - it is just simple injection of additional content not any intelligent algorithm which would cost more resources than it is worth and never work for all possible layouts anyway.

That is why we support custom place for flags. You can have your flags wherever you want. Just use custom place for it :)

15-03-10, 21:02
I&#39;ve just now put back Footer End. Well, it&#39;s more or less the standard layout with sidebar enabled.

15-03-10, 21:06
Yes and this sidebar changes position of content which is added before footer :)

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