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12-03-10, 15:34
I have a Dutch wrote in my forum with its original language, and everything seems ok except the "latest post"

the discussion is this:
The board of young people in the vicinity of Bad Tolz and the school of the children (http://scuo.la/news-annunci/4109-il-collegio-dei-giovani-nei-pressi-di-bad-tolz-e-la-scuola-dei-bambini.html#post30446)

but the titoletto of the "latest post" appears in written like this:
Old The boarding school near Bad Tolz for youth and school ...

how can I fix this?

13-03-10, 01:30
vBET has special code to find such situations and correct it for forum last post.

Please tell where exactly this appears? Or even give screen shot if you want. Right now I cannot see it on your forum. Maybe write answer for this thread and send attach screen-shot showing where this issue appears.

14-03-10, 19:09
here's the thing: the problem I highlighted in yellow:


14-03-10, 21:26
Now it is clear :) This is not parsed because vBET is not integrated with this stats mod (which is taking results by Ajax). So its results are not translated at all - even on translated pages. Because results are taken by Aja after page is generated and translated.

It is not vBET bug - it is integration issue. vBET can be integrated with mods taking results by Ajax and can translate such results if mod is using hook xml_print_output. Please see here for details:

Also please note that at this moment if you succeed with integration this '...' issue will still remain. Results will be translated if it will be integrated, but titles with cut closing langtitle bbcode will not. Not in vBET 3.x in 4.x we have solution for that. vBET 3.x will have such in next release.

If you do not have any PHP knowledge then it would be best to ask author of specific mod for help.

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