View Full Version : Vbet 5 required for move to Vbulletin 5 correct?

11-10-18, 21:53
Running vbet 492BF currently on vbulletin 4.2.5 but looking to upgrade to latest 5xx vbulleting to drop my custom mobile templates and use a responsive design. Is there much in the way of upgrading vbet to 5 as well?

Just getting my ducks lined up early.


18-10-18, 18:28
Hmm, is there even an upgrade path from 4.2 to 5?

24-10-18, 16:00
Was hoping to have some insight. As i try to move to VB5, mainly for responsive templates can I upgrade (retain) translations from VB4?

26-10-18, 16:12
Hello and sorry for reply time.

To upgrade vBET form 4.x to 5.x you just make standard update. Please note that vBulletin 5 plugin mechanism is much more limited that in vBulletin 4 and because of those limitations there are some places in vBulletin 5 where we are not able to limit number or usernames translations.

04-02-19, 21:25
I see that VB5 will no longer use the post #'s, will the translations be lost on the upgrade?


So much to try to get ready for VB5 just to make the site reactive :/

06-02-19, 16:32
Sorry got sidetracked myself and have not figured out how big of a disaster moving to vb5 this may be

06-02-19, 21:53
vBET is supporting vB5 (you can see it on our test forum - link is on the top of page). Lot of forums do not upgrade from vB4 to vB5, but this is individual decision. At this moment we are working on new vBET version to handle some of changes in newest vB5 versions (like new paging). Still vBET5.x is OK for vB5. Translations will not be lost during upgrade as long as no one will remove vBET tables from database.

Right now we are focusing on vB5.4.5 not vB5.5.0 since the last one requires PHP7 and in our opinion not many users will update soon. Of course we will keep up to date, still first we want to handle all known issues with vB5.4.5

09-02-19, 21:31
OK, like i said im in an issue where i need vb5 mainly to make site reactive for moobile users

12-02-19, 15:18
with vb5 its using bootstrap so its just the display that is mobile freindly

13-02-19, 10:25
In such case there should be no issues. One thing I can think is that flags can take too many space if you support many languages, but this is something what can be handled by template changes.

Please note:
vBET was not tested for mobile part of vB5. Next release will bring lot of changes and we cannot delay it more. So mobile will have to wait. We didn't test vBET for mobile, we do not know will it work fine or not. Please create change request or bug report for vBET5 if you find any issues with mobile. But it is best to wait till next release and then see results. We hope to make release in this or next weekend.

13-02-19, 14:56
OK, this is a bit off in the future still for me to convert to vb5 im just getting everything lined up

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