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25-04-18, 07:03
Version 4.9.2
There is an old (2012-2016) external database of 5 GB and a new (2017-2018) external database of 2 GB. Can I unite them?
Сombine translation databases so that the translation of messages 2012-2016 were from the old database, and messages 2017-2018 were from a new database?

Thank you!

25-04-18, 10:48

First of all it will be very wise to combine those databases, because now you don't have access to all of your translations, so those are taken again from providers, what lower performance and in case if you are using paid providers also creates additional costs (you can use vBET with only free translations).

Simplest approach is to dump to SQL file cache tables from new database and then execute the SQL on old database. Just make sure that the SQL doesn't include drop table instructions (nor create). This is simplest because, as I assume, you will move less data, but this way for doubled translations you will stay with older version (because of unique constraint on original text).
If you move old one to new one, then you will move more data (assuming by time period), but for doubled translations you will stay with new ones.
Also please note that because of limitations of MySQL, for very long tests to translate there is no unique constraint, so those can be doubled in your database. It will not harm your application, you will just loose some HDD space.

Also - first please check that my assumptions are correct and compare databases sizes. It is possible that your new database is already filled with data from old one and you don't have to move anything. You can also test it on some cache table for small or medium texts and check does any translation was missing in new database. If you are using new database since beginning of 2017 it is possible that thanks to spiders all your old content is already translated. It is also possible that your forum is so big, that you are constantly run out of free translations quotas so new database is still not populated. It is wise to compare - even just by size. If new one is bigger, then it rather already has old texts,

14-06-18, 08:54

Thank you!
The bases managed to merge correctly

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