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10-03-10, 09:30

In my google webmaster central I have around 5000 Crawling errors for member urls like this:


I think there is a bug ;)


10-03-10, 17:42
Yes - it definitely looks like. Can you determine on which page is generated such link? In places which we checked links are fine. So there is some view which we miss. It would be very, very helpful if you could give us URL to page where such broken member link exist.

We will work on this but anyway we encourage our users to block translated member pages by robots.txt Such pages have no useful content at all and blocking it will give you better performance. In other words what for you need to have indexed member pages? And what for loose server resources to translate it for robots crawling those pages? So please look here for example of robot.txt file blocking lot content which you really do not need to have indexed (like: member pages, calendar, search):

11-03-10, 01:35
How should I lokate such links?
I try to keep my eyes open but I can't promise anything

12-03-10, 02:58
Locating is the issue here :) Maybe some of users will note it to you, or you will find it. We are looking too of course, but vB is big.

BTW - you can get rid of this issue by disabling option 'Do not translate usernames' - this is the cause.

01-04-10, 12:47
But translating usernames makes no sence ;)

01-04-10, 12:50
No specially ;) That is why we added this option. As we see it causes some issues and we cannot exactly determine how. Hope we will find where such thing is generated :)

08-05-10, 10:34
vBET 3.3.2 has changed not translated area - does this issue still happens in new version? Had to ask since we are still not able to reproduce it (we do not know on which pages those broken links were generated).

09-05-10, 00:27
For those who do not know new not translated area is shorter ans looks like that: <!--vBET_SNTA--> and <!--vBET_ENTA-->

So if you find something similar in Webmaster Tools errors, then please note it to us. We are not sure does this issue still exists, because we were never able to reproduce it.

20-05-10, 21:54
No info about actual issue - closing. Will be reopen if needed.

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