View Full Version : Solved strpos(): Offset not contained in string in ..../includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions.php on line 435

17-11-17, 11:21
Link to error: http://www.forum.alfaholicy.org/159_brera_brera_spider/46135-turbina_dzwieki_turbo_gwizdanie_-6.html?language=ro

18-11-17, 23:09
Hi. I checked some other pages on your forum and as I see the bug is related to content of this specific page. We will try to reproduce it on our test server. If we will not be able to reproduce it we will contact you and solve the issue on your side.

18-11-17, 23:22
Hi again. I found the line of code in repository and we already have fix for it, but it is not released yet.

For quick fix:
1. Open file /includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions.php
2. Change:

$closePosition = strpos($outputPart, '>',$openPosition + 1);

$closePosition = @strpos($outputPart, '>',$openPosition + 1);

Please tell do you need more help with this issue or is it solved :)

22-11-17, 22:59
When I do it comes up a blank page.

24-11-17, 17:13
Look, please, on PM

03-12-17, 12:17
I checked on your forum-it's not a bug vBET, just not completed correctly the installation procedure and did not set the configuration, respectively, by what native iconv function returns an empty string, trying to convert text from utf-8 to utf-8. I do not know why exactly in this place, but it did happen. You have not changed '-8 ' for ' 8 ', which is clearly described in the installation instructions. Problem solved. By the way, I suggest you:-turn on the Apertium-is free without limits-enable translation of Microsoft-is free to certain limits and you can create an account with them, where after crossing the limit translations to shut down until the end of the period.

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