View Full Version : vBET 4.1.0 Released - BETA

03-03-10, 04:43
Another great step in multilingual community support - vBET4.1.0 :)

The best thing - it supports vBulletin Publishing suite. Co you can now have multilingual support in CMS and Blogs :) Details below:
- Multilingual support for blogs (blogs entries and comments)
- Multilingual support for CMS comments
- Translates Blogs URLs
- Translates URLs for CMS articles and CMS sections

Enjoy :D

Please keep in note that vBET 4.x is not supporting yet vBSEO, but it will soon. This is what we are going in next release. So soon you will be able to use vBET 4.x with vBSEO - please do not try it now ;)

03-03-10, 06:58
Nice update:) Although I still have to wait for the vBSEO Support:)

12-03-10, 20:20
any updates about vbet working with vbseo, since the day i disabled vbet because of vbseo, my traffic is nearly half :(

13-03-10, 00:57
At this moment we have vBET working with vBSEO and translating links for: threads, blogs, CMS articles, CMS sections, CMS categories.

Today we will test it with archive pages, RSS and blog RSS. If everything will be fine we are ready to release. So there is a change that it will be this week :) It is not a promise... OK we will do our best ;)

I know that having nearly half traffic isn't good thing, but from the other side you can feel right now how good idea was to buy vBET ;) OK - just joking. Other way... :D

We will do our best :)

13-03-10, 04:30
OK - archive and RSS are working fine with vBSEO :) Now code cleaning, checking does something left TODO for this release and we are ready :)

I can say that there is 95% chance that new vBET release (supporting vBSEO) will be in this week :)

13-03-10, 07:07
i do hope to see that soon :(

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