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24-05-17, 20:25
API from Google and Microsoft is valuable. Therefore, when my account in these platfmormach has any funds this switch off most of the languages that will not waste valuable money on translation languages secondary. So when I do secondary languages are no - may fall out of the index search engines, discourage newly visiting my forum. It would be like to choose which languages in the time we want to translate, not excluding the cache secondary languages.

03-06-17, 16:47
Hello and first of all I apologize for the response time. You may already be available, however, we have tested the following solutions: 1. In any case make a copy of files from a directory vbet_translation_options
2. Edit each of the files in the given directory-for the language pair, which you do not want to continue to support (but still enabled), instead of the API names, enter an empty string, for example: replace 'ar'=>'Google', on 'ar'=>'',

If your forum everything in the original language is only in Polish, it is sufficient, as you change values in the file vbenterprisetranslator_from_pl.php. I suggest you test it first on a particular one language pair and see if it works. It should, because vBET with machine can choose so-called "dummy" translator, if there is no available (because the exhausted limits). Please bear in mind that with this configuration, for your chosen language pair vBET will download translations from the cache, but it will not make new translations. It will result in the fact that the text is not translated will be displayed in the original. And that means the so called 'duplication of content '-what Google does not like. So please consider this option ... Therefore, if you do not want to completely disable the language, it can first restrict the translation engines (the same configuration files). Leave free-let him explain. The more 'duplication of content ' the worse for indexing in Google. Completely disable the language support solves this problem. Leave the support, but without translating engines, will be the problem cause. So can something in between-for those languages that have support in other engines, remain on free translations (I remind you that Microsoft also has a free option), use only the dam where there is no other support, and where it would have come to the 'duplication of content ' in the absence of any further translations, consider, however, the option to turn off the language. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Marcin Kalak
12-06-17, 15:37
I hope that it met your needs-if you do not, please write in this thread.

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