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28-03-17, 18:15

Today we have for you new releases of all PRO versions. There are some bugs fixed, but most important changes are about Apertium and Microsoft translations - there are changes in their APIs.
Apertium already do not work with old vBET versions - new releases fix this issue.
Old versions of vBET will work with Microsoft translation only till April 30, 2017. After that you need new release with new Microsoft account. Of course you can use new version right now, just remember: you need to reconfigure Microsoft key (see details below).

Additional update steps (do it after usual update described in readme.html):

Go to Admin CP > vBET > Translation Providers and set value for Microsoft FREE/Commercial Translation API key attribute.
You will find there detailed description, how to get the key. Please note that you can use Microsoft translation for free - details also included in mentioned attribute description.


Adapted code to new Microsoft Translator API
Adapted code to new Apertium Translator API
Added 11 languages pairs for Apertium
Disabled some not important warnings
Reduced translations for numbers in phrases and footer (5.2.0)

Bugs fixed:

Translation of alt (4.9.0 and 5.2.0)
Quick reply (5.2.0)
Admin CP location (5.2.0)
Issue with adding attachments (5.2.0)

03-04-17, 13:54
Talking about Apertium can you explain how to get one Apertium key ? I think they changed the way and I can't find the place I need to got to get a new key to use with vbet

Marcin Kalak
04-04-17, 15:31
New Apertium Translate API currently operates without any key. We explain the matter.

Marcin Kalak
07-04-17, 17:28
We will improve the issue of Apertium in the next release - very soon.
Currently you only need to enter as a key '1' and the Apertium will work.

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vBET 4.9.99 brings automatic translations