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01-03-10, 14:27
vbet is not working for my upgraded vbulletin :(

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please help :(

02-03-10, 19:49

It is clearly described that vBET 4.0.0 is not working with vBSEO yet (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet-announcements/432-vbet-4-0-0-released-beta.html).
This week we will release vBET 4.1.0 which will support vB Globs and CMS. And next we will made vBET release which will support vBSEO.

So at this moment please disable vBET and please wait for version which will support vBSEO. It will be released this month :)

Sorry for your inconvenience - we thought that it was clearly described that vBET 4.x will support vBSEO in next 2 releases. Hope that it is OK for you to wait little for appropriate release :)

02-03-10, 19:53
Damm A BIG mistake i made by upgrading to 4.0 without vbet :(, please try to get vbseo support soon , since i will be loosing all international guest :(

02-03-10, 19:55
OK we will give our best. Most probably vBET 4.1.0 will be released today/tomorrow. After that we run for vBSEO 3.5 :)

02-03-10, 19:59
Meantime you can run on free version 2.4.10 - it will not translate URL nor RSS and it will not support multilingual messages, but it will translate your forum. You will back to vBET 4.x when it will support vBSEO - which we hope will be very soon.

So you can disable and wait, or downgrade. In 2nd case - please uninstall vBET completely before you install 2.4.x

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