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01-03-10, 08:00
Since I have upgraded vbet, whenever I rename a discussion of this error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach () in [path] / includes / class_postbit.php (294): eval () 'd code on line 27 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach () in [path] / includes / class_postbit.php (294): eval () 'd code on line 27 How do I fix this? Thanks

02-03-10, 20:17
Please give us exact version of used vBET, vBulletin, vBSEO (if used).

Also please tell us which way you are renaming discussion and are you doing it on normal or on translated page?

04-03-10, 12:08
The vbet is the last version I have installed is you and vbseo 3.3.2. From that mistake when I rename a discussion in the original language, and even when I try to move the discussion from one category to another.

05-03-10, 00:56
I cannot reproduce it on our forums so I will need little help on your side :)

OK - I checked source and it is caused by some plugin using hook "postbit_display_complete". vBET has 2 plugins using this hook. Can you please determine which one causes troubles on your forum? You can simply do it by disabling one and check does issue still exists. If yes then enable it and disable other one. If still exist then try with booth disabled. If it still exists - then most probably it is not vBET fault - try do disable whole vBET and check.

You will disable plugin by Admin CP-> Plugins & Products -> Plugin Manager
You will disable whole mod by Admin CP-> Plugins & Products -> Manage Products

Please let me know about results. If you PM me access details I will check it myself :)

05-03-10, 09:55
I tried to disable the BB Enterprise Translator and the same error but this error has started to give me the day after you have installed. Who can I ask then to solve?

06-03-10, 14:57
I understand that you see error starting after vBET is installed. But as you see vBET has nothing to do with it, because error still appears when vBET is disabled. So also some other changes had to be done on your forum. Maybe some other mod was also added, or some configuration changed.

First please determine who is guilty. So disable one by one all plugins which are working with hook 'postbit_display_complete' - each time check do you still have error. When you determine who is guilty then please contact author of mod which makes the mess. If you still have some questions - please ask :)

06-03-10, 15:23
how do I figure out what are the plugins that work with postbit_display_complete? thanks

08-03-10, 16:24
Go yo your Admin CP -> Plugins & Products -> Plugin Manager and find each postbit_display_complete

08-03-10, 17:45
well, I have disabled one at a time and I found out which is which by problems: is the " passiveVid-Showthread Replacement ".But what good excuse? I keep it disabled?Thank you

10-03-10, 17:27
Go to author of this mod and ask him what is going on :)

I cannot be responsible for other mods or know how are working all existing mods - sorry I cannot help you more and hope that my help was good enough :o

29-11-10, 09:50
I had this problem today also, after installed VBET.

And it was the same answer, I removed the "passiveVID" plugin and bang the problem was solved.

Now I got to find a good replacement for this plugin, that converts youtube videos into players!


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