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25-02-10, 20:03
My server load is 0.50 all day with this mod disabled.

With it enabled load is at 5.00-10.00.

This is too high, i have folowed all the performance info here but still it is high.

Will load go away after the entire forum is cached, ie; is this load caused from writing to MySQL?

Or is it something else. Thanks.

25-02-10, 20:14

I believe You will find some answer for your question here:

Here you will find also response about high server load:

And here is also more about server load:

Important thing about server load:
- what is hight and what is low depends on how many CPU do you have
- If your pages displays in acceptable time then you do not have any issue - whatever your Server Load is

Also we still have lot of ideas how to make another performance progress, so each version will be even faster :)

Please let us know if doesn't answer your question.

25-02-10, 20:24
I have read all those threads, as i said, also saying load is fine because of amount of CPS is fine, but the cold facts are my load without is 0.50, my load with is 5.0-10.0.

10x to 20x server load, that is BIG.

What causes the load, is it reading or writing to mysql or both or something else?

28-02-10, 02:36
vBET on not translated site adds only flags. So you have bigger load because you have additional traffic to translated pages. If you want to check how big impact on it have cache then please just turn it off and check how your server load changes. Please be aware that translated pages will generate much slower.

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