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21-08-15, 02:13
Hello Marcin,

I'm having a serious problem in my Forum, and it happened suddenly, the default language of my forum is English and is set in the vBET, but suddenly all the users who have chosen the language in English when one enters the home of the Forum automatically the page changes to English (www.xxx.com.br/en/forum.php)

If I go into my preferences is the default language to "English", I don't know what to do and as I said, this error happened suddenly, please help me, I'm sending the data from my forum by Private Message.

Marcin Kalak
21-08-15, 10:16
On shared account I can not see the issue. Do users in profile have set default language to Portuguese? Try set vBET->Misc->Redirect to user language to Disabled.

21-08-15, 12:22
Sorry did not understand how the "shared account"? I created a user just for you in which you can change your default language

It seems that everything is according to my settings, see:


Marcin Kalak
22-08-15, 09:18
On account that you created for me, I do not see a issue. Please describe the issue in more detail.
Try set vBET->Misc->Redirect to user language to Disabled. Your settings are correct, but the effect that you describe can cause option vBET->Misc->Redirect to user language.

22-08-15, 18:34
Bem consegui resolver o problema da seguinte forma:

vBET -> Language Detection -> Detection API -> Was such as Microsoft and I changed it to DetectLanguage, after this procedure, I cleared the cache again and returned to work.

22-08-15, 19:10
I also realized, that the vBET has problems with the plugin:

VSa - Login To User Account - vBulletin.org Forum http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=233350)

When I enter with the profile of a user, and return, the language of it is belonging to me.

Marcin Kalak
24-08-15, 09:03
I am glad that you solved the issue.

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