View Full Version : Solved All My text is missing on translated pages!

15-07-15, 17:04
This is a massive hit, google dumped 30,000 index pages and I see that all the text is "missing" on these!

Runing latest version and updated to SDK and google, sionce then pages are BLANK! and I paid a ton to these


This is a massive DISASTER!!

15-07-15, 17:24
Appears all data is GONE after spending a LOT on translations?

Marcin Kalak
16-07-15, 08:34
Exhaustion limits should not cause the disappearance of text, but appearance of original text, if there is no translation this text in cache. If a translation of this text is in cache should appear translated text.
Please paste test translation provider: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-troubleshooting/413-faq-2.html#post1729.
Please paste your .htaccess.
I recommend updating vBET and vB to the latest version, it is possible that this issue has already been repaired.

16-07-15, 14:00
VBET - 4.7.2
Vbulletin 4.2.2 patched

<Files ~ "\.inc$">
Order allow,deny
Deny from all
Satisfy All

Header unset ETag
FileETag None

<FilesMatch "\.(html|htm|php)$">
#Header set Cache-Control "max-age=7200, must-revalidate"

<FilesMatch "\.(ico|pdf|flv|jpg|jpeg|png|gif|js|css|swf)$">
Header set Cache-Control "public"
Header set Expires "Thu, 15 Apr 2015 20:00:00 GMT"

Options +FollowSymLinks

RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /
rewritecond %{http_host} ^allfreechips.com [nc]
rewriterule ^(.*)$ http://www.allfreechips.com/$1 [r=301,nc]

RewriteRule [.]*-afcinfo([0-9]+) http://www.allfreechips.com/ [r=301,nc]
#RewriteRule ^/?(af|sq|ar|be|bg|ca|zh-CN|hr|cs|da|nl|en|et|tl|fi|fr|gl|de|el|iw|hi|hu|is|id|ga|it|ja|ko|lv|lt|mk|ms|mt|no|fa|pl|pt|ro|ru|sr|sk|sl|es|sw|sv|zh-TW|th|tr|uk|vi|cy|yi)/casino-banking/(.*)?$ /casino-banking/$2?language=$1&vbet_outside=true [QSA]

RewriteRule ^/?(af|sq|ar|be|bg|ca|zh-CN|hr|cs|da|nl|en|et|tl|fi|fr|gl|de|el|iw|hi|hu|is|id|ga|it|ja|ko|lv|lt|mk|ms|mt|no|fa|pl|pt|ro|ru|sr|sk|sl|es|sw|sv|zh-TW|th|tr|uk|vi|cy|yi)/(casino-banking|afc_contests|casino_guide|poker_guide|bingo_guide|skill_guide|casino-banks|casino_review|bingo_review|skill_review|slots|free-slots)/(.*)?$ /$2/$3?language=$1&vbet_outside=true [QSA]
RewriteRule [.]*casinoblogs/([a-z0-9-]*) phpBB2/blogs/$1 [QSA]
RewriteRule [.]*play_casino([0-9]+) cportal/tclick.php?id=$1 [QSA]
RewriteRule [.]*play_banner([0-9]+) cportal/bclick.php?id=$1 [QSA]
#RewriteRule ^casino_guide/([a-z0-9-]+).html$ index.php?id=casino_guide/$1
RewriteRule ^casino_guide/([a-z0-9-]*).html index.php?id=casino_guide/$1 [QSA]
RewriteRule ^slots/([0-9]*)/([a-z0-9-]+).html index.php?pageid=gameinfo&gid=$1&sname=$2 [QSA]
RewriteRule ^slots/([0-9]*)-reels.html index.php?id=reels&num=$1&folder=slots [QSA]
RewriteRule ^slots/([0-9]*)-lines.html index.php?id=lines&num=$1&folder=slots [QSA]
#RewriteRule ^free-slots/([0-9]*)-demo/([a-z0-9-]*).html freegame.php?id=demogame&gid=$1&text=$2 [QSA]
RewriteRule ^slots/([a-z0-9-]*) index.php?id=$1&folder=slots [QSA]
RewriteRule ^free-slots/([a-z0-9-]*) index.php?id=$1&folder=free-slots [QSA]

RewriteRule ^poker_guide/([a-z0-9-]+).html index.php?id=poker_guide/$1 [QSA]
RewriteRule ^bingo_guide/([a-z0-9-]+).html index.php?id=bingo_guide/$1 [QSA]
RewriteRule ^skill_guide/([a-z0-9-]+).html index.php?id=skill_guide/$1 [QSA]
RewriteRule ^casino_guide/reviews([a-z0-9-]*) index.php?pageid=reviews [QSA]
RewriteRule ^casino_guide/review-save([a-z0-9-]*) index.php?pageid=review-save [QSA]
#RewriteRule ^/?([a-z0-9-]+)\.html index.php?id=$1 [QSA]
RewriteRule ^([a-z0-9-]+)\.html$ index\.php?id=$1
RewriteRule ^casino-banks/([a-z0-9-]+) index.php?pageid=binfo&id=$1 [QSA]
RewriteRule ^casino_review/([a-z0-9-]+) index.php?pageid=info2&id=$1 [QSA]
RewriteRule ^poker_review/([a-z0-9-]+) index.php?pageid=info2&id=$1 [QSA]
RewriteRule ^bingo_review/([a-z0-9-]+) index.php?pageid=info2&id=$1 [QSA]
RewriteRule ^skill_review/([a-z0-9-]+) index.php?pageid=info2&id=$1 [QSA]
RewriteRule ^casino-banking/([a-z0-9-]+).html index.php?id=casino-banking/$1 [QSA]
RewriteRule [.]*afc_contests/([a-z]+).html index.php?pageid=$1 [QSA]

#Those rules have to be in domain main folder
#RewriteRule ^/?(af|sq|ar|be|bg|ca|zh-CN|hr|cs|da|nl|en|et|tl|fi|fr|gl|de|el|iw|hi|hu|is|id|ga|it|ja|ko|lv|lt|mk|ms|mt|no|fa|pl|pt|ro|ru|sr|sk|sl|es|sw|sv|zh-TW|th|tr|uk|vi|cy|yi)/(af|sq|ar|be|bg|ca|zh-CN|hr|cs|da|nl|en|et|tl|fi|fr|gl|de|el|iw|hi|hu|is|id|ga|it|ja|ko|lv|lt|mk|ms|mt|no|fa|pl|pt|ro|ru|sr|sk|sl|es|sw|sv|zh-TW|th|tr|uk|vi|cy|yi)* http://www.allfreechips.com/Allfreechips [L,QSA]
#Those rules have to be in domain main folder
RewriteRule ^/?(af|sq|ar|hy|az|eu|be|bg|ca|zh-CN|hr|cs|da|nl|en|et|tl|fi|fr|gl|ka|de|el|ht|iw|hi|hu|is|id|ga|it|ja|ko|lv|lt|mk|ms|mt|no|fa|pl|pt|ro|ru|sr|sk|sl|es|sw|sv|zh-TW|th|tr|uk|ur|vi|cy|yi)/$ index.php?language=$1&vbet_outside=true [L,QSA]
RewriteRule ^/?(af|sq|ar|hy|az|eu|be|bg|ca|zh-CN|hr|cs|da|nl|en|et|tl|fi|fr|gl|ka|de|el|ht|iw|hi|hu|is|id|ga|it|ja|ko|lv|lt|mk|ms|mt|no|fa|pl|pt|ro|ru|sr|sk|sl|es|sw|sv|zh-TW|th|tr|uk|ur|vi|cy|yi)/(.*)?$ $2?language=$1&vbet_outside=true [L,QSA]

#This rule must be in each directory which have to be supported (without forum directory itself)
#RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} !vbet_outside=true
#RewriteRule ^(.*)$ $1?vbet_outside=true [L,QSA]

16-07-15, 17:24
Starting translation test for Google API v2
Test result: {"data":{"translations":[{"translatedText":"Hello"}]}}
Test error:
Connection time (ms): 206.783203125

Starting translation test for SDL Language Cloud (earlier: SDL BeGlobal) API
Test result: {"errorCode":"VALIDATION_EXCEPTION","message":"You have exceeded the maximum allowable number of resources for your account subscription.","details":[{"name":"number of resources (character)","code":"limit.exceeded","value":"7027129"}]}
Test error:
Connection time (ms): 335.535888672

Starting test for Microsft Translation API by Azure

Test result: "TranslateApiException: The Azure Market Place Translator Subscription associated with the request credentials has zero balance. : ID=3722.V2_Json.Translate.2B53A097"
Test error:
Connection time (ms): 32.9299316406

17-07-15, 01:31
This is insanely important to me to get an idea of what is happening here!

Marcin Kalak
17-07-15, 10:35
Please send me a PM access details to Admin CP and FTP. I will check what is going on there.

17-07-15, 14:37
has been sent

Marcin Kalak
20-07-15, 09:29
Quick fix for this issue:

Open file includes/vbenterprisetranslator_class_translator.php
Find code:

if (strpos($result,'"details":["mt.character.restriction"]')) {
Replace it to code:

if (strpos($result,'"details":["mt.character.restriction"]') || strpos($result,'"code":"limit.exceeded"')) {

This issue will be fixed in the next release.

21-07-15, 14:45
so all my translation are not lost or are they? as all these were translated

21-07-15, 14:48
Now I had not looked before I made the change, but after it appears to look as expected! I do notice now for some reason when im in the forum and go to an outside page the language changes back to english

21-07-15, 14:50
appears that inside the forums not there is a re-direct loop when opening a forum.. I can confirm this was not happening before i did the last update

Marcin Kalak
21-07-15, 18:33
If the text has been translated then displays the translation. If the text is not translated and will be exhausted limits then show the original text.
Please keep one issue in one thread.
Redirect loop probably due to an incorrect setting vBET, .htaccess and does not support DBSEO. In the settings AdminCP->vBET->Main you have set vBulletin links, but rules in .htaccess you have for vBSEO. In addition, you do not use vBSEO but DBSEO. DBSEO probably does redirect to other links than vBET and there is a loop.

21-07-15, 22:23
was working correctly when I installed DBSEO.. let me poke around some

Marcin Kalak
22-07-15, 08:56
Try set AdminCP->vBET->Main->Link Type to vBSEO links.

23-07-15, 14:20
That seems to have corrected the issue! thanks
I will open another thread on a possible issue as well

Marcin Kalak
24-07-15, 09:12
I'm glad I could help you.

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