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24-05-15, 20:06
I changed my language to English here in the forum vBET, but whenever I post the text and sending the text will be cut off, will not full. I have to edit 3 times, the text to be able to publish it here. If you want I can post a video to explain it better.

Marcin Kalak
25-05-15, 09:28
Try to clear cookies in your browser. Please check that you issue appears on another browser.

26-05-15, 01:59

I have already cleaned the coockies and already tried it with another browser, it will be that I'm with this problem?

Marcin Kalak
26-05-15, 11:58
Nobody else did not report a similar issue and I can not reproduce it.

Marcin Kalak
05-06-15, 14:23
This issue will be fixed in the next release.

07-06-15, 19:26
Since the issue will be resolved in the next version, you could play it. What is the problem that causes this court in the messages?

Marcin Kalak
08-06-15, 09:43
The issue was bad encoding in UTF database on the translated pages. We're working on a solution. In our forum issue should not occur.

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