View Full Version : Solved Database Error When you update the language when I update the profile

24-05-15, 21:01
When I refresh the language in the User Control Panel, the following error appears:
Database error in vBulletin 4.2.3 Beta 3: Invalid SQL: UPDATE user SET parentemail = '', icq = '', msn = '', aim = '', yahoo = '', skype = '', homepage = '', birthday_search = '', birthday = '', showbirthday = 0, usertitle = 'Matador de Ursos', customtitle = 1, vbet_def_lang = 'pt', membergroupids = '109' WHERE userid = 1; MySQL Error : Unknown column 'vbet_def_lang' in 'field list' Error Number : 1054 Request Date : Sunday, May 24th 2015 @ 04:02:35 PM Error Date : Sunday, May 24th 2015 @ 04:02:35 PM Script : http://www.mysite.com/profile.php?do=updateprofile Referrer : http://www.mysite.com/profile/edit/ IP Address : Username : Fabiano Classname : vB_Database_MySQLi MySQL Version : 5.1.73 Already followed this procedure, but the new version of vBET is already disabled this function. What can I do?

Marcin Kalak
25-05-15, 10:24
Please describe your problem more accurately. When appears a issue? Do vBET is enabled? Is the table user has a column vbet_def_lang?

25-05-15, 14:38

Every time that someone will update the native language in the User Control Panel gives error Database, as described above.

I also realized that no one is able to register, and gives the error of the Database that states that do not have the column vbet_def_lang.

In my database there is no column named vbet_def_lang

Marcin Kalak
25-05-15, 16:59
Try to do this SQL query (NOTE: add table prefix if you use it before table name):

ALTER TABLE user ADD vbet_def_lang VARCHAR(5)

26-05-15, 02:53
Thank you very much, it worked******

Marcin Kalak
26-05-15, 12:57
I'm glad I could help you.

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