View Full Version : Rejected Omitting ?language=xy extension

21-02-10, 17:51
I dont know if this is to demading to code change, but ...

Say you are using keywords in urls like this:


Adding: ?language=xy is a "giveaway" that this is an autotranslation - which is potentially detrimental to CTR. Then it would be better with an anonymous extension like -3 (numerical identifyer for language code) - or at least the possibillity of omitting "language".

21-02-10, 22:08
1st - if you see language code in URL it doesn't mean that translation have to be automatic - many business pages are in 2, 3 or more languages where static content was translated by humans and there is language code in URL. I.e. Paypal (exactly there is country code not language code, but it is similar)

2nd - according to Google TOS you have to give on page information about translation anyway.

3rd - please remember that you can also use SEO links - there is also language code but without attribute (like /en/)

Also please remember that not all URLs are translated (or even have content which could be translated) so you cannot completely get rid of language code, because for those links it would be impossible to determine should it be translated or not.

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