View Full Version : How to get the Translations Flags into ibproarcade???

12-02-15, 18:59
i have a Problem with vBET. I can`t get the Translation Flags appear on the ibproarcade. I know i could use $vbenterprisetranslatorflags for it. Could you help me please and let me know hwere exactly i have to place it? I tried already it in the Arcade Template just in Front of $navbar and it just don`t show up. Any Help with this would be fantastic. I need to make sure that it works also in the Arcade before i purchase the Pro Version.


Marcin Kalak
13-02-15, 11:10
If you have a vB 2.3.13 to place a flag in any place then you need to set AdminCP->vBET->Flag->Flags Place to Custom and put in template a phrase: $vbenterprisetranslatorflags.

13-02-15, 12:32
Thank you for the Answer. Do i have to put it only into the vbulletin Template or also in the ibproarcade Skin? Could you advise me more specific please? Where exactly do i have to place the Phrase?

Thank you in Advance

Marcin Kalak
14-02-15, 10:36
You must be placed in the template that is visible and is in body.
For example, you can put this in the first line of the navbar template in AdminCP->Style Manager->Edit Templates->Navigation / Breadcrumb Templates->navbar.

14-02-15, 14:45
Thank you for your Reply. Yes i did place it into the Navbar Template. And it shows up everywhere, but NOT in vbandvanced Portal and (more important) in my ibproarcade. When i click into my arcade within my vbulletin installation. then the Translation Flags disappear. I don`t know why, but my arcade.php must ignore the $vbenterprisetranslatorflags. Do you know how i get the Translator into my Arcade? I have seen other Sites that have it inside the Arcade.

Marcin Kalak
18-02-15, 12:40
Please send me a PM access details to Admin CP. I will check what is going on there :)

Marcin Kalak
02-03-15, 09:27
No response - considered the issue is gone. If not please write here.

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