View Full Version : I want to buy vbet 3.3.1

19-02-10, 14:13
There are a couple of questions: How long the program will support vbulletin 3.8.x? I do not plan to go to vb4 - a new product I do not like Will vbet integration between 3 and xcache or other server software for caching? Vbseo support xcache

19-02-10, 15:25
When vBET 4.x will be released we will support booth vBET lines: 3.x and 4.x
We didn't made schedule for how long vBET 3.x will be supported. At this moment we think that vBulletin 3.8 will be still popular for several years. So honestly - our clients will have main impact on how long vBET 3.x will be supported.

Please note - in next 1-3 months our attention will be mostly focused on vBET4.x since we are just about to release it, there will be needed integration with few things (Blogs, CMS, vBSEO, Sitemap Generator), most probably some new bugs to fix.

But when the rush around vBET4.x will calm down we will start to implement new functionalities in booth vBET3.x and vBET4.x lines. And additional cache support is already on our TODO list. We are planning to use simple file cache of our own implementation (so everybody can use it) after that (or it can also occur that instead of that) we will work to support ready cache engines. If you need your specific one - please open new thread in Future Requests for that :)

Hope that it is OK for you that new functionalities for vBET3.x have to wait a little, but will be implemented. We do not want to mislead any one so we are giving honest and best answer possible at this moment (we prefer flexibility in plans to better cover clients needs instead of focusing on wrong assumptions).

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