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09-10-09, 08:23
Here you will find list of features which are already implemented in vBET.

Note: free versions supports only page translation, only by Yandex, with much less supported languages and without many optimizations of booth performance and costs.
Note: vBET5.0.0 is in beta stage and not all features are supported, but main features (translation, multilingual communities) are supported.

List of features:

Translates forum to 53 languages using several machine translation APIs and supporting manual translations
Optimizes machine translations costs by automatically choosing free and cheapest providers before more expensive. Also separates changing numbers from GUI to avoid new translations, caches translations and much more.
Supported different machine translation and language detection providers: GoogleTranslation and Detecion API v2, Microsoft Translation and Detection API, Apertium Translation API, SDL BeGlobal Translation API, Yandex Translation API, DetectLanguage Detaction API.
Supported manual translations - your users can easily correct automatic translations manually or translate themselves
Supported providers queue for translations supported by many providers vBET will automatically switch to other provider is preferred is not available (in example, because limit was reached) and will check every 10 minutes does preferred one is available again.
Links appropriate for SEO consensus (configurable; supporting rules for: .htaccess, lighttpd, nginx - want some other - just ask)
Translates URLs (in vBET 3.x only for threads and with vBSEO only; in vBET 4.x for threads, forums, blogs, CMS articles and CMS sections, and with vBSEO for threads, blogs, CMS articles, CMS sections and CMS categories)
It's ultra fast - 2.x is fast, but 3.x /4.x is even faster (faster php functions, faster cache)
Supports multi language communities

Works on vBulletin with any charset (whether you have your forum on utf-8 or not)
User default language support (chosen in registration form and configurable in User CP)
Automatically marks in which language post is written (according to user default language - configurable in editor)
Automatically translates to user language posts content, no matter in which language it is written
Allows to use several languages in one post
Shows original content for automatically translated posts written in other languages (configurable separately for users and guests: do no even tell that it was translated, do not show original text, add it normally, inject it by JavaScript - best for SEO)
Adds parameterizable bbcode lang which allows to describe in which language is written marked section of post
Supports multi language community, allowing to write in different languages:

Private Messages
Visitor Messages
Social Group Messages
Albums Pictures Comments
Social Groups Pictures Comments

(4.x only) Multilingual support for vBulletin Publishing suite (blogs, blogs comments, CMS comments)
Automatically detects in which language message is written (configurable with 4 different strategies and 3 different API: Google Translation API v1, v2, and Microsoft Translation API)
During login checks does user have default language set and redirects to edit details page (configurable)
Allows to set used default language from Admin CP
Shows user default language in member info page
In registration page default language field can be shown as list or set of radio buttons with flags (configurable)

Adds parameterizable bbcode langtitle which allows to describe in which language is written post title (usage only in post title). Actually langtitle BBCode is working for

Keywords and description
Last post
Thread display
Similar threads
Navigation bits

Adds bbcode notranslate to mark post text which shouldn't be translated
You can choose which languages are supported for guests and which for users

Advanced performance settings for really big outputs ('HTML size: cutting point' and 'HTML size: start cutting')
Translates RSS

For every format. It means for: RSS2, RSS1, RSS, XML, JS
vBulletin RSS Cache is working properly with translated channels

Optimized cache (faster, taking less space, prepared for huge amount of data)

Recognizes when there is no sense to look in cache
Each language has separate cache tables
Parameterizable time to wait between clearing cache tables
Memory cache supported for: Memcache, APC, XCache, eAccelerator and easy to add support for new ones
Full file cache for guests (configurable cache time, less relevant pages, cache time for less relevant pages, ignored pages, caches ZIPped output when vBulletin option "GZIP HTML Output" is turned on)
Support for external database for cache

Full integration with many mods
Tracks translations in forms
All flags taken from server as one file
Ignored words/sentences functionality
Option to not translate content of code html tag
Additional places where option to not translate usernames is honored
Automatic roles for default user languages
Avoiding title duplication in Google webmaster tools
Support for messages displayed only for specific translation
Drop-down menu for flags

Configurable location: dissabed, left or right side of navigation bar
Configurable number of columns

Full support of archive translation (with flags and translation tracking)
Configurable list of ignored URLs (such URL will not be tracked in translation, will not show flags and if someone will try to translate it he will be redirected to original content)
Translation URL's tracking - if page is translated then links are changed to keep translation (it is smart – it will not change links going outside your forum, or links to images)
Advanced tracking options (to support sub-directories added by other mods)
You can select which translations are active - simply check/uncheck each of available languages in options panel
Translation tracking is working even when redirection by some mod occures (configurable reaction time)
Long texts are translated no matter how big those are
Not translated save areas - if you need something to be not translated simply edit appropriate template and put it between <!--vBET_SNTA--> and <!--vBET_ENTA--> (note: you cannot use any mod which removes comments to use this functionality).
Translation cache (after first translation results are cached and next page generation is much faster)
Doesn't translate BB codes for code, php and html (must refresh post cache to see effect on existing posts Admin CP -> Maintenance -> Update Counters -> Rebuild Post Cache)
Easy installation
Easy configuration - by Admin CP
Translate 'alt' attributes in images
Supports native vB links and vBSEO - and it is easy to support other SEO engines
Takes data from cache by series - this mod remembers which translations often comes together and it can take whole bunch of translations in one DB query
Version support
Configurable cache - you can easy turn off cache
Option enable/disable taking data from cache by series
Option to select native forum language (language parem will not be added for this flag)
Configurable place for flags - simply select in options where you want to have translation flags. NO MANUAL TEMPLATE MODIFICATION. Supported: Footer-Bottom, Footer-Top, Navbar-Bottom, Navbar-Top, Custom
Possible custom place for flags - in such case just edit template which you want and add $vbenterprisetranslatorflags
Configurable header for flags
Flags generation base on templates - so if you need to customize for several styles simply edit hose templates: vbenterprisetranslator_flags_begin, vbenterprisetranslator_flag, vbenterprisetranslator_flags_end. This is optional - if you don't want to mess with templates jus use default configuration :)
Option to enable/disable URL tracking for translation
Translates also archive pages
Cache is working for chosen languages (you simply select for each language does translations should be cached)
Option to add Google Translate API key for translation requests
Option to add Microsoft Translate Application ID for translation requests
Configurable cache time to live and scheduled task which automatically remove old cache.
Option to show flags only for guests
Option to easily remove flags border (without any style changing)
Option to not translate usernames
During translation changes param lang in html tag
Option to translate messages changed by vBSEO to JavaScript
Re-encode not translated parts, so there is no strange signs in scripts, images title etc.
Respecting Google conditions, default flags title tells that translations are supported by Google
Reverse page direction for Arabic, Hebrew and Persian languages
Option to set forum directory if not linked to domain
Option to set your forum main domain for tracking URL's in subdomains
Redirect to user language functionality - configurable (disabled, forced, after asking user does he want to be redirected).
Translate Google Maps (configurable)
Supports several cache cleaning strategies (optimization for really big forums) and automatically disables cache for cleaning time to avoid read/write conflicts
Allows to not translate numbers
Allows to filter out old treads in translation, to reduce translation costs
Allows to define date period for threads translation

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