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14-03-14, 16:53
just in case anyone is interested.

Get dbseo setup and working first

then install vbet and use the normal url settings dont choose anything to do with vbseo

My issues where i get blank results and various other wierdness was down to an older install so make sure you have removed it entirely

then make sure you have a working translator this was my next issue. during testing i had used the full quota from yandex in a day ro soemthing so i was seeing odd issues after that

VBET team could you please have some sort of a reporting / information page where it says what has been translated and whats going to be ytranslated (ie is in the queue etc) as i had a hard time figuring out why i just seemed to have EN and FR cache items only (even though french didnt work)

basiclaly if you get an issue go back to scratch and start again

Add vbet last and dont mess with anything after.

15-03-14, 11:35
Please note that vBET allows to configure which languages should be cached. If you cache only EN and FR, then possibly you have turned off cache for other languages. Also you can manually go to translated page in other language and if it is translated (you can be also out of quota in translation provider) then check did it go to cache. Also in case of guest cache you must set appropriate rights for directory (details in guest cache description).

Lion Group
04-11-14, 05:45
Hey guys I posted an other thread on this. I'm not seeing my thread so I'm wondering if this is a dead product?

Marcin Kalak
04-11-14, 14:20
Your post has disappear in moderation. It has been approved and displays it. vBET works and develops.

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