View Full Version : Solved Translations stopped working

13-01-14, 18:13
I'm not sure what is happening. I haven't changed anything. Here's an example:

unlocking your mobile phone (http://cellphoneforums.net/*****/t366174-unlocking-your-mobile-phone.html)

13-01-14, 18:15
translations are going through microsoft and yandex

13-01-14, 21:31
nevermind, it appears to be working now

Marcin Kalak
14-01-14, 09:18
I am glad that you solved issue.

14-01-14, 13:40
however, one thing I noticed is that instead of having the original text on the page, when no translation was available, it was just blank. I believe this is a regression to an old bug.

Marcin Kalak
15-01-14, 16:57
Please you test your translation provider when the text disappears (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-troubleshooting/413-faq-2.html#post1729).

16-01-14, 20:37
This is what I get for yandex:

Starting translation test for Yandex
Test result:
Test error:
Connection time (ms): 475.630859375

Marcin Kalak
17-01-14, 10:11
The test should return the result. Please you test another translation provider (such as Microsoft) to see whether the result will be the same.

23-01-14, 16:35
This is the result for microsoft:

Starting test for Microsft Translation API by Azure

Test result: "Hello!"
Test error:
Connection time (ms): 171.882080078

Marcin Kalak
23-01-14, 23:18
Please send me a PM access details to Admin CP and FTP. I will check what is going on there :)

Marcin Kalak
31-01-14, 12:37
No response - considered the issue is gone. If not please write here.

10-02-14, 20:38
pm sent********************.

Marcin Kalak
12-02-14, 10:21
You have not sent me the access data to an FTP. Please send me access details to FTP.

Marcin Kalak
15-02-14, 10:51
If test_yandex returns an empty result then use this quick fix:

Open file includes/vbenterprisetranslator_class_translator.php

if (strpos($result,'Translation code="403"') || strpos($result,'Translation code="404"'))
Replace it to:

if (strpos($result,'Translation code="403"') || strpos($result,'Translation code="404"') || strpos($result,'Error code="404"'))

Yandex returns an error about running out of limits. The test no displays message. This quick fix will be added in the next release.

15-02-14, 16:29
thanks, I'll give this a try

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