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09-02-10, 21:09
Since I switched to vB4, vbet short time I have uninstalled. However, when uninstalling the database were not deleted tables??

10-02-10, 14:50
All cache tables should be deleted during un-install. If yours was not deleted then it is a bug there. We will investigate it. Please remove those tables manually by some MySQL client.

10-02-10, 16:34
Okay, thank you:) So in mid-March you can expect vB4 version:)?

11-02-10, 20:51
We are very advanced in vBET4. At this moment most things are working. We have little issues with wrapping/unwrapping text, translation of URL for IE (which ignores what rest of the world have as standard ;)) and stuff like that.

First version for vBET4 will support clean vB4. Then we will made in short period of time 2 new releases which will fix eventual bugs and add support for: 1. vB4 CMS + Blog, 2. vBSEO 3.5

So those who doesn't use vBSEO will be able to run vBET4 earlier and we will still give our best to support vBSEO as soon as possible :) So in March we will support it even if I cannot give you any specific date :)

First release of vBET4 should be at the beginning of March, maybe even at the end of February :)

12-02-10, 17:46
Okay, thank you:) Since I use vB4 CMS + vBSEO 3.5 blog and I'll have to wait a bit:)

08-05-10, 10:40
We were not able to reproduce this issue. Does someone can confirm it still exists in new version? I know that it can be hard since it required to uninstall product, so to not try it on real forum, but maybe on test instance.

Because we are not able to reproduce it, if we will get no confirmation that it is still actual, the issue will be closed.

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