View Full Version : Already done blank keywords and 3 base urls on translated pages

09-02-10, 21:08

I just noticed that on my forum (using vBSEO automatic keyword tagging of threads)

a) the keywords are missing on translated pages
<meta name="keywords" content="" />

b) I have three base urls defined in the meta tags:

<head><base href="http://www.patientenfragen.net/" />
<base href="http://www.patientenfragen.net/en/" /><!--[if IE]></base><![endif]--><base href="http://www.patientenfragen.net/" />


Diazepam (Valium) Dependence (http://www.patientenfragen.net/en/gesundheit-praevention/diazepam-valium-dependence-t17667.html)

That should definitely be fixed ;)

10-02-10, 15:03

a) our readme.html in vBSEO integration section tells:

(Required) Turn off option "Replace the 'META KEYWORDS' Content?"
We had big issues with this element (as I remember it was because vBSEO adds keywords outside vB system, but it could be something else) and it is simply not supported at this moment.

b) This is OK and it is in purpose. It works this way because translation tracking enhances base link which shouldn't be done. So after all is added new one before and after (some browsers honors first one some last one). So it is working solution. Still - we can think about other one - like just replacing the original base. It seems like better one and I'm wondering why we didn't do this at start... :confused: So - anyway I'm adding on TODO list to change this solution. With low priority because actual is working, but it is added :)

Also I'm moving it to feature requests since there is no bug here :)

10-02-10, 17:40
But even with "Replace the 'META KEYWORDS' Content?" off, there are simply no keywords on translated pages.
Which is not good and a problem/bug of vBET ;)

SEO should be important cause the main purpose of this mod is to bring new users to your forum via search engines :)

11-02-10, 20:42
It shouldn't be this way and it isn't on our forums. Did you made any changes in template responsible for keywords? Does keywords are visible on not translated pages?

Please PM us access details to your Amin CP and FTP - as I wrote we cannot reproduce it on our side.

Keywords are ignored by most robots - real content is used. Of course it sill should be translated ;)

11-02-10, 23:32
Oh man, not again.

You know I don't give out Admin Access ;)
I have to set up a clone forum again... is that really necessary?

The keywords are present on not translated pages
Only translated ones have no keywords.

15-02-10, 13:29
We are just not able to reproduce the issue. And without that we are not possible to work on it. At this moment I think that the issue is somewhere configuration on your forum and if on not translated pages keywords are present then it definitively is related to vBET - we just need to know how.
You can create also temporary accounts what will be easier, or check does your previous clone exists. We know no one other with this particular issue...

16-02-10, 18:05
There are no changes made to the headinclude template that effect the meta keyword line.

vBSEO is set to NO for "Replace the 'META KEYWORDS' Content"
and for yes and for no both times no keywords show up on translated pages.

Ok I found the problem:

I use(d) many meta keywords.
here are mine with which it DOESN'T work:

Medizin, Patienten, Fragen, Gesundheit, Krankheit, Schulmedizin, Stress, Therapie, Ernährung, Medikament, Diagnose, Arzt, Symptome, Heilung, Krebs, Medikation, Doktor, Operation, Klinik, gesund, krank, Arznei, Apotheker, Behandlung, Heilmethoden, Akupunktur, Homöopathie, Naturheilverfahren, Erfahrungsberichte, Ärzte, Krankenhaus, Krankenkasse, Krankenversicherung, Fragen und Antworten, Gesunde Ernährung, Diät, Nahrungsmittelunverträglichkeiten, Rezept, Allgemeinmedizin, Innere Medizin, Krankenpflege, Allergologie, Altenpflege, Anatomie, Anästhesiologie, Arbeitsmedizin, Audiologie, Phoniatrie Augenheilkunde, Biochemie, Chirurgie, Dermatologie, Venerologie, Endokrinologie, Epidemiologie, Ernährung, Diätetik, Ethnomedizin, Gastroenterologie, Genetik, Gendiagnostik, Gentechnik, Geriatrie, Gerontologie, Gynäkologie, Geburtshilfe, Hals-Nasen-Ohrenheilkunde, Hygiene, Hyperbare Medizin, Hämatologie, Immunologie, Kardiologie, Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie, Kinderheilkunde, Laboratoriumsmedizin, Logopädie, Lungenheilkunde, Medizinische Informatik, Medizinische Psychologie, Mikrobiologie, Infektiologie, Mund-Kiefer-Gesichtschirurgie, Naturheilverfahren, Nephrologie, Neurochirurgie, Neurologie, Neuropsychologie, Notfall- und Intensivmedizin, Onkologie, Orthopädie, Pathologie, Pflege, Pharmakologie, Toxikologie, Physikalische Therapie, Physiologie, Psychiatrie, Psychotherapie, Radiologie, Nuklearmedizin Rechtsmedizin, Rehabilitation, Reisemedizin, Tropenmedizin, Reproduktionsmedizin, Rheumatologie, Schlafmedizin, Schmerztherapie, Sexualmedizin, Sozialmedizin, Sportmedizin, Telemedizin, Transfusionsmedizin, Umweltmedizin, Urologie, Zahnmedizin, healthcare, Gesundheitswesen, Arztpraxis, Apotheker, Student, Medizinstudium, Arztrecht, Doctor

Actually I totally missed that I had so many keywords.
If I cut them down to a few it works.

I reduced them to:

Medizin, Patienten, Fragen, Gesundheit, Krankheit, Schulmedizin, Therapie, Medikament, Diagnose, Arzt, Symptome, Operation, Klinik, Behandlung, Heilmethoden

and with these it does work.

That should be fixed anyway ;)


17-02-10, 17:29
Yes - it should be and it will :) Thanks for discovering what is the issue here. We didn't try to reproduce it yet with large amount of keywords, but it should be it :) And as I know code of vBET I can bet that there is used function which doesn't cut text - so Google gets it too much and instead of translation gives error. So keywords are blank. We will correct it :)

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