View Full Version : Solved Threads with quotes result in 404 error

09-02-10, 18:19
I am running version 3.3.1 and vbseo 3.3.2. I believe this is currently only happening on imported posts that had quotes in the title.

Here's an example of this happening:
Original: NTT DoCoMo intros "Multinumber" service, Push-to-Talk (http://cellphoneforums.net/cell-phones-news-archive/t191613-ntt-docomo-intros-%22multinumber%22-service-push-talk.html)

Translated: http://cellphoneforums.net/es/cell-phones-news-archive/t191613-ntt-docomo-intros-%22multinumber%22-service-push-talk.html

10-02-10, 15:22
I just tested it on our forum and it is working fine:

So this could be some integration issue. Please go to do-not-upload/readme.html in vBET package and make sure that you fallow all steps in integration with vBSEO section. Please let us know does it help :)

10-02-10, 15:32
Right, I think at one point vbseo allowed quotes in the URL, or this has something to do with the fact that these threads were imported via rss.

Note that the quotes are in my URL's but not the one you posted above.

11-02-10, 20:53
So if you have good configuration nad issue still happens - please send me access details to your Acmin CP, FTP and vBSEO CP. Since I cannot reproduce it I have to see what is going on on your side :)

08-05-10, 10:43
Another old issue found during cleaning. Does this issue was solved by PM? Please confirm does it still exists in new version.

08-05-10, 14:49
na, we never figured this one out. I will send you a login via PM

08-05-10, 17:42
Today we make release where is improvement in this area. Please first made update to vBET 3.3.3 and check does it still happens in this version :)

11-05-10, 20:50
This is fixed, thanks!

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