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22-10-13, 18:06


Today we have for you new vBET releases for 3.x and 4.x with GREAT improvements. Most important - lot of FREE translations and costs optimizations. We added support for new providers: Yandex (1M FREE characters/DAY), DetectLanguage (5 000 free detections daily), SDL Be Global (1/4 cheaper than Google). Also we optimized translations of GUI sentences with numbers, by separating it - now changing number will not create new translation for whole sentence and numbers are not translated at all (configurable). We was checking translation logs for months to make it better :)
For details please see below:


Support of Yandex translations (1M characters/day FREE, to compare Google gives 0, Microsoft gives 2M free characters/month). Id doesn't support all languages pairs but it is great costs improvement. REMEMBER to set API key (Admin CP -> vBET -> Translation Providers)
Support of SDL BeGlobal translations (1/4 cheaper than Google). Not supports all language pairs, but those supported will be cheaper. REMEMBER to set API key if you want to use it

WARNING: At this moment (22 October 2013) SDL BeGlobal do not allows to set expenses limits! Using it for new installations (where translations cache is not filled up) can end with large bill. Also for old installations (with translations cache filled) this can create lot of expenses in case of successful spam attack.
NOTE TO WARNING: At this moment SDL BeGlobal is working to add possibility to limit expenses. And because it is 1/4 cheaper than Google it is worth use it. Still please note that we do not recommend using any paid API without expenses limitation, because of reasons mentioned in warning.
WILL BE SAFE SOON: According to information from SDL BeGlobal team, expenses limitation functionality should be available soon.

Support of Detect Language (5 000 language detections/day FREE, in Google you pay for each one by its characters). Supports detection for all languages. REMEMBER to turn it on (set its API key AND set Admin CP -> vBET -> Language Detection -> Detection API to Detect Language)
NOTE: vBET automatically queues providers for each language pairs to optimize costs, so free and cheaper providers will be used before more expensive if there is such possibility. Still only one language detection API is always used - see previous point for details.
Language detection for new posts now is done just before saving – no more checking post which will be rejected anyway.
Fixed bug for not translating numbers (those where really still translated). Now this option also doesn't translates dates (see description in "Admin CP -> vBET -> Translation Options -> Don't translate numbers" for details).
Do not translate numbers in lot of locations (really lot of supported places). Please note that previous option works only for texts which are entirely numbers. To avoid new translation each time some GUI text including number will change (like: Views 12; Views 13...), now vBET separates such numbers in result HTML (mostly by italic html node). What makes only one translation (in this example Views), because numbers will not be translated.
Do not display banned users member pages, just info about not registered user (configurable).
Do not allow vBSEO to change meta keywords and descriptions on translated pages. Now we do not translate duplicated keywords added by vBSEO, nor content of BBCodes code, php, and html which was added there by vBSEO. Normal pages are without changes in this matter.
And much more - too much to describe each case.


Option "Translate vBSEO messages in JavaScript" adopted for vBSEO 3.6.1 (only for vBET 3.x, because vBSEO 3.6.1 do not work properly on vBulletin 4.x)


Manual translation of meta description and keywords
Manual translation with external database (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-bug-reporting/3663-tables-doesnt-exist.html)
Link for facebook component in vB4.x (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-bug-reporting/3662-facebook-error.html)
Option "Don't translate numbers" was not working
"Contact us" message not translated anymore in form field - on translated page when reloaded because of sending error.

22-10-13, 23:37
Outstanding good work!
Thank you so much!

With new Yandex API all european languages working perfect on my site now.

I have only problems with Hebrew/Arabic languages - they don't translate at all.
May be Yandex does not work with them?

23-10-13, 02:14
Yes - Yandex do not supports all languages... Please see this (I think) great article (mine ;) ) about costs optimizations with vBET: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet-announcements/3753-costs-optimization-how-vbet-allows-use-machine-translation-free-cheaper.html

Also if you are intersted about details - here you have supported Yandex language pairs from last time whe checked:


31-10-13, 18:32

We found translation leakage for SDL BeGlobal in this release. This is only about translations with " sign included. For such translation there is bug in result parsing. So results are not going to cache and such translations are asked again, and again from provider.

This is already fixed and will be included in next release.

For this release pleas use this quick fix:
1. Open file /includes/vbenterprisetranslator_class_translator.php
2. Find:

$result = str_replace(array('\"', '\\\\', '\r\n'), array('"', '\\', ' '), $result);

3. Replace by:

$result = str_replace(array('\"', '\\\\', '\r\n', '\n'), array('\'', '\\', ' ', ' '), $result);

As mentioned this will be included in next release :)

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