View Full Version : Solved Missing language parameter on links in RSS

07-02-10, 19:57
TGO (http://www.thegame-online.dk/forum/external.php?type=RSS2&language=nl)

Above is a RSS feed in dutch. As you can see the links to the threads inside the RSS-feed are missing language paramater: &language=nl

Also feed is broken/error in IE.

07-02-10, 23:10
Yes I can see it - it is totally broken. We will check it on Monday. We will contact you in case if we will have issues with reproduce it.

08-02-10, 12:24
We are not able to reproduce this issue on our servers. Please PM us access details to your forum (Admin CP + FTP).

19-02-10, 22:11
Issue found - and I just remind that we solved it once already... It is because you didn't set your forum description. Set it and everything is fine :)

I didn't made changes in vBET last time because in real forums description is always set. In your test one it wasn't.

So this time we will also not made changes in code, but I will add in installation manual reminder to check does forum description is set.

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