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20-08-13, 13:19
How is the Enterprise seo.Planning to purchase a large plug on the forum but I'm afraid to fall through it.If a lot of people will be when it is turned on.In addition, there are maybe some discounts?

21-08-13, 19:24
vBET is integrated with booth vBSEO and vB friendly URL's by translating page links. So every new page has translated not only content keywords, description, but also the URL. This assures that for spiders this is visible as completely new page served in other language ant it will be indexed. All appropriate SEO techniques which are already included will stay, we will just translate content, meta and URL.

If your forum is big, then we advise in first step to limit languages which you will serve. Like really limit it (for example to 2-3 languages - your one and some additional). And then with time to add more languages. It is because even if you will use paid translations (you can use only free one) then mostly you will limit your expenses and some of pages will have to wait for translation because of used limits. Same when you will use only free translations. So after some time, when translations will be cached by vBET you can add new language, and so one from time to time. It will be also good for SEO, since if you have really big forum, then if you multiply your content by 53 immediately then your SEO could be hurt in some way (detail about indexing are never known, but do not act suspicious).

We are not able to tell how many new users register in your forum. This depends mostly on topic and how attractive forum is for users. For sure your traffic will increase a lot and some of new guests can register. Just like on this site: simple-NLP.pl darmowe forum o NLP - forum o NLP (http://www.forum.simple-nlp.pl) - it is using only free translations (Microsoft, Apertium and already Yandex, because we use it as real test forum which provides real data for translations and allows us to find bugs before we release) and there are lot of foreign users which also writes posts in their languages (vBET detects it and handles it - just like for your message). Looking on groups for default language (added and managed by vBET) I see that we have there several thousands foreign users (mostly with English default language) and because we are not forcing to set default language (it is possible by option) most probably there is much more (for sure looking how many Polish users set.

We do not provide discounts at this time.

07-12-16, 03:53
Im running into issues where I should be outranking many sites but im finding machine translated pages seem to be the one key to my lower rankings, Any thoughts on this as I am reading many artivles that google translated pages are a deathnail for seo? I have ben using the product for years and am very happy with it but i think I may need to remove translations.

08-12-16, 21:35
We never feel that machine tranlsation lower rankings. In fact we felt the opposite - translated pages brings more users and start miltilanguate discussions.

When spiders are crawling your page they take text which in next step is indexed. It means that your content is remembered in whole and in parts - using complicated algorithm scripts are ranking your content by separate words. Script is not able to tell does your content is created by men or automatically translated, especially that vBET supports manual corrections. Scripts are not able to tell it, because translated content is created by scripts itself - you have in your content the best what script can do in area of text analyze. So going this way this suppose to be the best content to index for scripts\programs, because it is in form which script understand best - it is generated by scripts.

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