View Full Version : Perhaps new translation engine: SDL BeGlobal

06-08-13, 09:16

We found out about new translation engine SDL BeGlobal. It seems that it has lot of language pairs, and better pricing than Google Translation API (only $15/1M characters, not $20 like in Google).

At this moment we are working on integration vBET with vB5 (with really lot of issues, because of practically complete lack of documentation), but we will start working simultaneously on integration with SDL BeGlobal. At this moment we are not able to say anything about their performance nor quality, but pricing looks good and it is based on HTTP so if we will not find any surprises, integration should be quite easy :)

Also if you know other automatic translation engines you think it is worth to be available by vBET, please write :)

06-08-13, 16:10
Well at this point after first tests we already found one really big limitation - only one translation is allowed per request. Hope this will be changed soon or some workaround will be possible, because with this limitation usage of the API is impossible from performance side of view.

07-08-13, 23:42
Well we got information that it will be available soon to ask for several translations in one request. We are starting integration right now for beta purposes. We will see how fast required changes will be included in SDL BeGlobal.

09-08-13, 19:33
So we are already integrated with the API. There are some issues on provider side, but what is nicely surprising, their staff responses very fast to each email and seems they really want to made improvements which are still needed there, but they are also in BETA stage now, so it is normal.
At this moment we are during discussion with their staff is it worth to produce our BETA release now or wait for their improvements.

We will keep you informed about progress :)

14-08-13, 09:56
SDL BeGlobal staff is really very helpful. We already got their plans for next updates. Also we got from them a hack how to send several translations in one request. It seems to be working according to online translation which is using same engine. Right now we are going to implement it in vBET and we will use it until their API will support sending array of translations. We will test it also on our live forums, to be sure that it is OK.

15-08-13, 00:18
At this moment SDL BeGlobal is also used on this very forum and also on vB3.x real forum. We will monitor logs to see does everything is all right :)

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