View Full Version : Solved Two issues with vBET currently

02-02-10, 14:42
Hi, love the plugin but I have two issues currently (both issues might be connected to each other).

My setup:
- Using vBSEO
- Using Google API key for vBET
- Forum language: Dutch
- Forum directory: /forum
- Main domain: empty
- Link type: VBSEO_URI
- Translation links type: create URL's according to SEO (/en/address)
- Keep + Ignore: empty

1) Redirection
When i go to the forums and use 'siteurl/forum/en/' i get redirected over and over until the browser gives an error (loop). I have edited the .htaccess file and added the lines for picking up the /en/ bit (as it says so in the vBET setup manual).

If i change the 'Translation links type' setting to 'paramter' the translation works fine.

Could this be a vBSEO problem or is it a vBET issue? I can't fix it and thus can't use vBET for now (i really want to use the SEO url's).

2) The vBSEO link titles don't get translated and stay in dutch.

Hope you can help me (or I should say: us). Thanks!

02-02-10, 23:09
1) Most probably wrong rules set. Please show your .htaccess file content
2) Did you made change in one vBSEO file as it is described in readme.html in integration section?

04-02-10, 09:59
It's all solved. Thanks.

05-02-10, 12:49
Great to hear - enjoy vBET :)

07-02-10, 10:05
I found my site to getting much less google visitors and so i investigated the issue. It seems that google could not reach the sitemaps anymore and i could not either.

I solved this by putting this line in the .htacess at the top:
RewriteRule ^((urllist|sitemap_).*\.(xml|txt)(\.gz)?)$ vbseo_sitemap/vbseo_getsitemap.php?sitemap=$1 [L]

07-02-10, 23:35
In vBET description for SEO links with vBSEO it is written to put vBET rules before rules for vbseo.php - not before Sitemap Generator rules :) To avoid future confusions I added in description to put vBET rules JUST BEFORE rules to vbseo.php

See here:

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