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31-01-10, 08:24
Just a question like that, what about if I don't use cache at all in vBET? Is is save to delete all tables related to cache? I noticed many new tables (156 tables compared to 3 tables in 3.2.2 version!) were added in my database relative to the cache functionality...

31-01-10, 19:36
There is no sense to remove it. You can not use cache right now, but maybe will in the future. Empty, not used tables have absolutely no impact on system performance.

31-01-10, 23:15
I don't plan to use it at all, even in the future. But, my question was not really to ask if it had an impact on system performance or vBET performance or not, which I did not argue about... I just wanted a simple answer if I could remove the tables or not. I just want to know if this will stop vBET working if I don't use cache at all.

This is for personal reasons and my understanding, that's it. I have my reasons for not having such a big quantity of tables in my database, can you understand this?

02-02-10, 03:28
So, is it safe? Just a plain answer please? :)

02-02-10, 22:56
We didn't try it but as I know the code it should be safe. Before cache is used it is always checked does it is on. So if you have it disabled then vBET shouldn't ever go to code with cache queries. There is "should", because as I wrote we didn't try it.

07-02-10, 00:53
Thanks. I'll let you know if ever I try it.

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