View Full Version : Looking for assistance with vb blog installed into a folder with VBSEO (paid)

26-05-13, 00:30
I am in a situation now I can not resolve, And I will pay for some assistance as VBSEO seems to no longer support much of anything :(

My current install is as :

site.com/ (CMPS page)
site.com/forum/ (install path of vbulletin)

This is all working correctly, but now I added the blog, and I do not want it under the forum path so I added the folder for blog supplied with VB4.2x as :


This is all working correctly (I don't think translations work yet) but I need to have SEO friendly (VBSEO) urls used and I can not get this to work.

I am thinking of a few solutions such as removing vbseo but I have 100,000+ indexed pages now and can not alter the structure.

If you think you can help I will be willing to pay for some assistance.


Marcin Kalak
27-05-13, 20:56
You have issues with the integration vBSEO with a blog, or a translation blog? What version of vB do you have? Do you blog is an external plugin or vB blog? Service integration (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-integration-other-plugins/486-vbet-integration-instructions.html#post1785) can help you, but we can not guarantee the correct integration of each plugin.

28-05-13, 22:26
I am actually having issues getting the blog to use SEO friendly urls, as it is installed outside the forum directory. And then of course I will need to make some updates from VBET to translate them. I had paid for the integration when I first bought the product but I would assume this is separate. I think at this point I would love to remove VBSEO and just use the forums friendly urls but not sure if I am able to keep it all the same.

Marcin Kalak
29-05-13, 11:07
You can independently perform the integration, this is described in http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-integration-other-plugins/486-vbet-integration-instructions.html#post1785.
You can buy the Integration Service (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/purchase.php?do=integration) and we will do the integration for you.

29-05-13, 14:06
If you think this can be done ill buy it ASAP! even though I did in the past another $30 is a steal to resolve this

Marcin Kalak
31-05-13, 11:51
If the blog is part of vB we can do integration this blog with vBET after you subscribe Integration Service (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/purchase.php?do=integration). If the blog is a plugin vB we can not guarantee that the integration is successful. If it is an external blog can not be integrated with vBET.
You can independently perform the integration, we will gladly give you tips on the forum.

31-05-13, 13:41
Its is actual VB, but installed in a a folder outside of the /forum/ folder..

here is a link

Allfreechips Casino Bonus Forum - Member Blogs - Blogs (http://www.allfreechips.com/casino-news/blog.php?do=bloglist)

obvouslyy I need it to be SEO friendly URLS (VBSEO) and then translated.

Marcin Kalak
01-06-13, 11:40
We will help you integrate vBET with vB blog, but you must integrate vBSEO with vB blog.

01-06-13, 13:59
that was my main issue lol.. like I said I will pay anyone with the ability to figure out the VBSEO part.


Marcin Kalak
03-06-13, 18:09
Integration vB with vBSEO is not related to our product, and we do not do this.

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