View Full Version : Rejected Suggestion for new custom translation tag

29-01-10, 10:37
I would like a special tag to you use in a post like this:

(beginning of post)

English text
Dansk tekst
Deutche text

(end of post)

similar the title could look like this: English textcustomtitle=da]Dansk tekst[/customtitle]Deutche text

Then if there is language outside the tags then this will be used for the remaining languages - if no text outside tags then perhaps the content in the first tag will be used default for the non specified languages.

Custom means that it is human translation and will not be translated by google. It has the flexibillity that you can make a custom translation for each language. This is good for important posts you want custom translated so they are good or containing localized content like currency or other things and not poorly translated by google.

Of course users browsing a certain language will only see the message for their language. The other versions are hidden.

Also users that can speak several languages can use, or get somebody to help them, it if they have an important message they want to be custom translated.

I think it would be a very good addition giving more flexibillity so you are not forced always to use Google translations :)

29-01-10, 20:04
We will take this suggestion into consideration. So it doesn't mean no and also doesn't mean yes.

We have to think about possible issues, solutions etc. At this moment I see some issues, like titles cannot be longer than 250 signs so it will not work for titles.

I think that better idea would be just sign in cache which translations are made manually and do not flush those. So it could be possible to just create translation manually by Admin CP, or in forum for specified groups and keep it in cache for ever since it is not Google translation. The message would contain only the message nothing else. During translation data taken from cache would be partially form Google and partially from cache filled manually.

But here are also some "but". First Google doesn't allows to change its translations so it would be not allowed to base on cache content for some sentence - it will be necessary to set manually whole translated content. Second - as I remember Google TOS requires to specify which content is translated by Google and does not allow to set there some other content. We have to study Google TOS again very careful here.

So at this moment - it is taken into consideration :)

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