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28-01-10, 20:41
In advance of purchasing vBET 4, I have purchased vBSEO along with their installation service. They are asking me two installation questions, however, that I think might impact vBET 4 when it comes out. The two questions are:

1) Indicate whether or not you would like Relevant Replacements installed.


2) What URL Rewriting style do you want to use?

What answers should I give vBSEO personnel that will work best for vBET 4 or does it matter?


29-01-10, 00:42
1) You need to know when relevant replacements are added by vBSEO to output result. vBET is making translation in hook global_complete with execution order 1000. So if vBSEO is adding relevant replacements earlier then you can use it and it will be translated. If vBSEO is adding it later then it will be not translated.

2) You can use any rewriting style you want.

If you have any other questions - just ask! :)

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